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Milestones of YOYBUY Company

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It’s the year of 2014 now. YOYBUY has been five years old. We want to collect the most important moments in the developing process of YOYBUY to memorize its defining past.

Milestones in 2008

• Founded on 8th August 2008 as Beijing Enser Trading Co., Ltd. (北京恩飒商贸有限公司)

• The first order made on 2nd September in 2008

• The first version of YOYBUY static website was born in December 2008

• Annual revenue was tens of thousands CNY

Milestones in 2009

• Office moved to a much more spacious room (220 square meter) in November

• Website updated and IT department born in November

• The annual revenue has grown eightfold over the past year

Milestones in 2010

• Renamed as Beijing YOYBUY network technology co. ltd. on 26th April 2010

• Office moved to current location on 15th May 2010

• Online ordering system published on the first day of October in 2010

• Business operated automatically and warehouse system online on 25th October

• The annual revenue has grown more than sevenfold over the past year

Milestones in 2011

• “Awesome 2011” annual party held on 22nd January

• Quality Check department born on the first day of August 2011

• Items we bought reached 260162; Parcels 23677; Weight totally 121092.46KG

• The annual revenue doubled more than last year

Milestones in 2012

• The product ID number we bought increased from 6 to 7, which made a new record.

• The annual party on the theme of “Love life, love YOYBUY” held on 9th January 2012.

• Items we bought reached 425952; Parcels 32564; Weight totally 192272.558KG

• The annual revenue increased 15% than that in 2011

Milestones in 2013

• Held “Youth and Dream” annual party on the second day of February in 2013

• online store opened on 8 April 2013

• USGoBuy service online - parcel forwarding business in USA on 23 May 2013

• The first badminton match held from 27 May to 26 June

• For better development, we moved warehouse and quality check department to Zhejiang province on 1st August

Outdoor Activities in 2014


New Year Party in 2015


The future of will be better and better! Keep the past in mind and move on!

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