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You may think that Chinese believe in Confucianism. What do you think if I tell you millions of Chinese are Christian? Surprised? You can get to know something about Christianity in China by visiting the oldest Christian Church in Beijing -Nan Tang.

Everyone would like to get and give a unique gift for someone special. Are you stuck on how to prepare a special gift for someone important for you? Here I would like to share some ideas with you.

The secret is “unique”, let's make the gift unique in this world by making it by yourself. Here is my own experience as a special gift receiver: my birthday gift- a horn comb from a friend.


Nowadays feminist consciousness is rising rapidly. Women and men share more equal rights in modern time.

You may know that men were superior to women for thousands of years in Chinese history. In fact, there are mainly  three changes in the social status of Chinese women until now.


Fashion is a kind of beauty. Clothing in fashion is always women’s favorite topic. Women’s clothing styles keep on changing in the Chinese long history; it reflects the economy, culture and art of a specific time.

 Now, let’s see some typical examples of ancient women’s clothing styles in different Chinese dynasties. We are supposed to acquire a little bit sense of fashion and beauty of ancient Chinese clothing for women.


Do you have passions for photography? Photography is a kind of gorgeous things to do in the world. We almost love photography because we can enjoy much joy from it.

If you love photography, you love camera! If you spent money on a decent camera, you will need a classy case to keep it safe. Here we provide some snazzy choices for you with a sense of style from the large selections of taobao. Hope some of them can catch your eyes!


Valentine’s Day is a romantic time. It is also a time to think about wedding. Wedding is a ceremony which announces the new couple’s marriage relationship to public. No matter in western or eastern, no matter in ancient days or nowadays, wedding is one of the most important ceremonies for everyone. While, wedding is different from east to west, let’s see the differences of west and east wedding ceremony.

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time, but if you are single, have no boyfriend or girlfriend, then the romantic festival is meaningless to you. Maybe you are looking forward to true love. Maybe you are wondering in your mind, “Whether there is true love in this real world or not?” Now, I want to share my answer with you by analyzing the Chinese character “love (ai, 愛)”

Yes, Valentine’s Day 2013 is around the corner, and V-Day is really a special day for man and women. As a boyfriend or husband, you are expected to prepare the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, make great dinner reservation, or create romantic dating.

If you still have no idea about what are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, please check out the following gifts ideas from YOYBUY for V-Day 2013.

- Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend 2013

- Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife 2013


Chinese New Year also named the spring festival, which is the most important traditional Chinese festival. It symbolizes reunion, boom, happiness, hope. It is recorded that Chinese have celebrated the spring festival for more than 4000 years. The festival of long history includes many customs. Now let’s see some of the important ones.

- Dust sweeping (Sao chen扫尘)

- Stay up late on New Year Eve (Shou sui 守岁)

- Wishing happy New Year to each other (Bai nian 拜年)

- Spring festival scrolls (Chun Lian)......


The spring festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. It is celebrated not only in China but also in many countries. Do you know how it comes from? There is a very nice legend.

- A monster-“Xi” harmed to human being

- A young boy Nian came out and claimed he could help

- Nian defeated Xi

- People celebrated the happiness of success

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