Pricing & Purchasing


Total Fees:

---First Payment---

1.    Item fee: 

The item price is shown on the product page.

2.    Domestic shipping fee: 

Buying multiple items from the same seller will save you a lot on domestic shipping. Most domestic delivery companies charge 10 to 30 RMB per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight, and distance between seller and buyer's locations.

---Second Payment---

1.     YOYBUY Service Fee: 

Our service fee is 10%*(Items fee + domestic shipping fee); our SVIP members will enjoy a discounted service fee of 8%*(Items fee + domestic shipping fee),Our "merchant" enjoy 0$ service fee. You may use E-coupon to deduct service fee. However, our minimum service fee is 5.38USD per parcel; YOYBUY will still charge you 5.38 USD even if (item fee + domestic shipping) is less than 5.38USD. 

You will be asked to pay the service charge together with the international shipping of your parcel. After you have gotten the weight of your parcel and selected the international shipping method, YOYBUY will automatically calculate your service fee. After you pay the shipping costs and service fee, YOYBUY will happily ship your parcel.

For example:

if the items cost 78 USD and domestic shipping fee is 7.80 USD, YOYBUY will charge you an 8.58 USD service fee.

(78+7.8)×0.10 = 8.58 USD


If the items cost 15.60 USD, and domestic shipping is 1.56 USD, YOYBUY will charge you 5.38 USD even though the sum is only 1.716 USD.


(15.6+1.56)×0.10 5.38 USD

2.    International delivery fee


3.    Storage fee: 

You, as a YOYBUY customer, can store your purchased items in our warehouse if you wish to ship them to different places. All YOYBUY members have a free storage period of 90 days. If your free storage time has run out and you still haven't shipped your items, YOYBUY will begin to charge you a storage fee of 0.164 USD per item, per day.


Note: YOYBUY's storage time limit is 180 days. We start to calculate the storage time when your item status changes to "Arrived," which lasts for 90 days. Then, your order status will change to “Storing” for the remaining 90 days. At the end of your 180 days, your order status will change to “Abandon.” This means you have given up your items and will no longer be able to receive them.


Arrived (90 days) + Storing (90 days) = Abandon (180 days)


4.    Customs fee: 

We suggest that before shipping, YOYBUY customers take the initiative to find out their local Customs policies. In countries with high rate of Customs clearance, there is no need to pay any fees. However, in countries with low rate of Customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs.

Note: Chinese Customs fee is 8 RMB per parcel.


5.   Insurance fee (optional): 

Insurance fee is purchased at 3% of the total price.

Items fee + Domestic shipping fee + International delivery fee + Service fee + Customs fee = Total Price

Note: To "My Warehouse in China," Insurance fee can be purchased at 3% of the total price.

Handling charges for different payment methods:



Credit card  


Webmoney Offline





Currency USD

Bank service



3.5% 2% 2% Free 4% Free

Note: Free means YOYBUY will not charge you any bank service fee - your bank will.



1)  Arrival of goods to YOYBUY: usually takes 3-5 days after we purchased.

2)  Shipping date: after you submitted delivery and payment.

3)  International delivery time: normally, EMS takes 7-10 days; Air parcel takes 15-35 days.



1) We guarantee clearance and will bear responsibility for all matters associated with Chinese Customs.

2) Destination Customs: if there are tariff requirements or confiscated goods in your country, we cannot be responsible for damage or loss.



1)  Our minimum service fee is 5.38USD, but there is no minimum order requirement.

2)  Virtual goods: we do not accept these kind of purchases, which includes gift cards, game tokens, etc. due to illegal practices.

3)  Quality of goods: we will verify size, quantity, color, and pattern of the goods, but we are not responsible for quality.

4)  Electronic products: we can only verify the appearance and model.