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TCL Android smart phone express S900 perfected dual-core 1.5G 4.5-inch screen stock sale

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  • Product Details Description

    • Brand:TCL
    • Time to market:In 2007
    • Network type:GSM
    • Style:Bar
    • Dimensions:2.6-inch
    • Body color:Army GreenBody color:Black
    • Package types:Official standardPackage types:PackagePackage types:Package II
    • Rear camera:300,000
    • The operating system:No operating system
    • Additional features:GPS
    • Honey color:Brand new
    • After-sales service:Nationwide warranty
    • Touch screen type:Capacitive
    • Keyboard type:A virtual touchscreen keyboard
    • Thickness:9mm () -10MM (included)
    • Resolution:1280x720
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