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Aramex is the world’s leading integrated logistics solution provider and a professional express company in the Middle East with international express as the core business. Its main business covers international express, freight forwarding, domestic express and magazine & newspaper delivery, etc. Headquartered in Dubai, ARAMEX Group selects local competitive air transport forces to transport to its transit center in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and then transferred to some areas of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa after customs clearance in Dubai.

Gerneral Information:

1. Low price.

2. Fast speed. Usually 4-7 days.

3. Excellent waybill tracking service after the shipment.

4. Strict security check.

5. No flight on weekends.

Speical Notices:

1. Aramex more suitable for small pieces, for large freight is not worth,

2. General speaking Aramex used most for E-business, large pieces of package to the Middle East are cheap

3. Aramex can help avoid tax when ship to Middle East

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