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TOP Fashion Winter shops

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What is YOYBUY?

Yoybuy is a professional Chinese online shopping agent, started at 2008, our goal is to make the 

process of buying and shipping products from China easy and dependable! Learn More>>

Our Service

BuyForMe - Hand us the product URL, and submit parcels after the products from online seller reach

-ed YOYBUY and wait for the shipment. See how it works:

ShipForMe - Already bought something? No problem, you can send it to our warehouse and we will 

ship for you. See how it works:

Why choose YOYBUY?

1.We're professional Taobao agent and you can't find more cheaper products than

2.Yoybuy warehouse can combine many parcels into one package to saveshipping fee and provide

free storage for 90 days.

3.Multiple payment methods and shipping Logistic.

4.Insurance policy to insure your package safety.

5.A clear membership system to meet the needs of different users

6.$10 for New Customer.

Popular Shops
Products are limited and may sell out at any time. Prices are subject to change.
This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply!
This email has been sent to you since you registered on YOYBUY. We take the protection of your personal info seriously.
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