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Ancient Chinese clothing for women

Posted in Chinese Culture by Ruth No Comments

Fashion is a kind of beauty. Clothing in fashion is always women’s favorite topic. Women’s clothing styles keep on changing in the Chinese long history; it reflects the economy, culture and art of a specific time. Now, let’s see some typical examples of ancient women’s clothing styles in different Chinese dynasties. We are supposed to acquire a little bit sense of fashion and beauty of ancient Chinese clothing for women.

Chinese women clothing style in Han dynasty

As a powerful dynasty after being divided for a long time, the Han dynasty undertook a complete clothing reform. Some features of women clothing style in Han dynasty are:

- Natural, dignified, elegant.

- “V” shape collar.

- Wide sleeves but tight in body.

- Selvages in neckline and cuffs.

Chinese women clothing style in Tang Dynasty

Tang was a period of economic flourishing, culture and art developed fast. Tang dynasty was prosperous and peaceful. Wu Zetian of Tang was the only woman emperor in Chinese history. Woman was in charge of political power in one of the periods of Tang Dynasty, which influenced the style of women’s clothing. The features are:

- More luxurious than before.

- Low-cut décolletage.

- Empire waist.

- Embroidery with flowers, birds, fishes, insects.

Chinese women clothing style in Qing Dynasty

Qing dynasty was established by Manchu people, so the style of women’s clothing is much different from that of the ethnic Han. The silhouette is close-fitting. It reflects Eastern women’s grace and beauty. The features are:

- Slender, the sleeves are narrow and fit like nowadays.

- With fancy adornment.

- The collar shape looks like gold ingot.

- The appearance looks like rectangle box.

Qipao style

Qipao is a figure flattering one-piece dress for women. Qipao comes from Manchu women’s clothing. The modern Qipao style is also influenced by the Western culture and it turns out to be a symbol of Asian dresses. Features of modern Qipao:

- Elegant, solemn, lively.

- High-necked.

- Bell-like sleeves or sleeveless.

- Lace frothing at the hem of a ball gown.

The style of female students’ clothing in the Republic of China

The Republic of China ended the Chinese’s dynasty, modern ideology was formed. Women can be educated in school as men. The features of female students’ clothing style in that time are:

- Plain.

- Normally, light blue upper garment and black kilt.

- With strong youth spirit.

- Leads popular trends.

Nowadays, more and more women’s clothing styles appeared, women can enjoy any styles they like and show their beauty. Women’s Day is coming, wishes you a Happy Women’s Day and recommends you some popular women’s clothing:

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