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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (Infographic)

Posted in Chinese Culture by Karen Li Comments(1)

The Dragon Boat Festival (Double Fifth Festival, Duan Wu Festival) is one of the most significant Chinese festivals, and it is the festival with the oldest history. The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth lunar month (traditional Chinese calendar), celebrated by performing dragon boat races and eating Zongzi. The most popular legend around the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is about the poet Qu Yuan. Let's learn more about "his" Dragon Boat legend via this infographic:

dragon boat festival infographic

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The legend of Qu Yuan


QuYuan,was a minister of the kingdom Chu.He was a well-educated and talented man. However, he was exiled by his King after being blackmailed by others. Qu Yuan wrote lots of patriotic poems to show his love for Chu and therefore he is nowadays known as one of the most famous poets in China's history.


Qu Yuan was so desperate for having to live in exile that he drowned himself in the river MiLuo Jiang. Fishermen searched for his body and others threw food into river to attract fish and other animals from destroying Qu Yuan's body. Later on, these acts are imitated to show people's respect for Qu Yuan.


Customs of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon boat racing and eating Zongzi are two main customs for dragon boat festival in China.


Dragon Boat Races:


Dragon boat racing during Chinese dragon boat festival are traditional customs to imitatethe rescue of Qu Yuan. Lots of dragon boats race to reach the destination, the winning boat will bring harvest.


Eating Zongzi:


Zongzi (Rice Dumpling) is the traditional food for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, and the shapes and fillings are different among various parts of China. People make jujube as fillings in the northern China, while they use fresh meat as fillings in the south of China. Making Zongzi is the most essential part of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. 

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