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Legend of the spring festival

Posted in Chinese Culture by Ruth Comments(3)

The spring festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. It is celebrated not only in China but also in many countries. Do you know how it comes from? There is a very nice legend.

A monster-“Xi” harmed human being

Long long ago, there was a monster named “xi” (It means New Year Eve), who was fierce extraordinary. He came out once a year to devour human being and cattle. Therefore, people in different villages or urban areas would take old people and kids flee to mountains in order to escape its harm during this time.

A young boy Nian came out and claimed he could help

In one year, when the disaster was coming, all the people in a village were ready to flee to mountains. Some people closed their windows and doors; some were packing; some were taking care of cattle, which filled panic everywhere. At that moment, a young lovely boy came over. Surprised by the scene, he asked an old man what happened here. The old man explained shortly and suggested him flee to mountains with others. However, the boy smiled calmly and said:” Sir, my name is ‘Nian’ (it means New Year), please allow me stay in your home for one night, I can drive Xi away.” The old man couldn’t believe it, failed in persuading Nian, he left for mountain with others.

Nian defeated Xi

At midnight, Xi came into the village and found it was different from before: The old man’s house was ablaze with lights, the door was pasted with red papers. Xi shivered but screamed and pounced on the door. At this moment, “Bang, bang, bang” firecrackers came from the yard. Xi was shivered and not dared intrude again. At that time, Nian opened the door and came out with red gown, laughed loudly. He fought with Xi bravely. At last, Xi was defeated and fled away. He never came out again from then on.

People celebrated the happiness of success

The next day, when villagers came back from mountains, they were surprised to find that the village was safe and sound. The old man enlightened suddenly, he told villagers what Nian had told her. The crowd found that the door of the old wan was glued with red paper, the rest bamboo was still snapped (Bamboo is origin of the fireworks), the red candles were still lighting. In order to celebrate the happiness, the overjoyed people had on new clothing and new caps, came to relatives, friends congratulated each other on the happiness.

The news was spread widely. All people got to know that Xi was fear of red color, light and sound. They called the day of Xi defeated as “Chu Xi” (It means Xi was got rid of), and the next day called “Xin nian” (It means New Year) and they got the custom of worshipped Nian from then on (Bai nian).

The custom of the spring festival is formed

Since then, Chinese people celebrate Chu Xi (New Year Eve) and Xin Nian (New Year). Some important customs about Chinese New Year:

First, pasting spring couplets and Pictures on doors, paper cutting on windows (All are with red color), pasting New Year pictures (Nian hua) in rooms.

Second, let light be on all night at New Year’s Eve.

Third, set off fireworks and firecrackers.

Fourth, on the New Year festival, Chinese go to neighbors, friends and relatives to congratulate each other Happy New Year. wishes you happy Chinese New Year and recommends you Some Chinese New Year articles:


sanshine says:

I, Sunshine, 3 years is a buyer of this company! Very happy to work with her! Happy New Year, dear company! Growth and prosperity! Only good customers!

sophie165164 says:

lol, see all these for the first time. Interesting... More Chinese traditional knowledge are welcomed. -)

Gstar_Lover says:

I like the story about the "Xi-Monster" ... we have a similar custom. But it is not about new year, but about spring time. Around the same time when you celebrate chinese new year, we get dressed very scary and try to scare the "winter monster" away so that spring can come out.

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