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Mid-Autumn Festival Stories and Foods in China (infographic)

Posted in Chinese Culture by Karen Li No Comments

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, both enterprise and people are preparing for Moon Cake Festival. Moon cakes occupy online shops and physical stores, reminding you one of the most traditional Chinese festivals is arriving.

Reasons for Celebrating Moon Cake Festival

Why all Chinese celebrate Lantern festival? Three reasons: 1. Kinds of stories and legends around Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival; 2. Praying for harvest; 3. The celebration of family unity and harmony.

The Story of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

There are various stories about Mid-Autumn Festival, such as the lady - Chang Er, the man – Wu Gang, and the hare – Jade Rabbit. Meanwhile, the legend of Chang Er is more than two versions. We have created a video to show one version of Chang Er and Hou Yi in detail, let’s enjoy the legend together:

What do you think about this version of the legend of Chang Er and Hou Yi? Any reviews are welcomed.

The Food and Customs of Lantern Festival

The main food for Mid-Autumn Festival in China is moon cake, and people eat moon cake to express their love for family and hope for happy life. A variety of fillings can be found in Chinese moon cakes, and moon cakes are given as gift among families and friends during festival.

Besides, all families will get together and talking about living, career, family, and plans for future. For little kids, parents will tell stories about Mid-Autumn Festival in the moonlight. The following infographic tell us more about Chinese Moon Cake Festival:

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