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Christianity in China: Beijing Nan Tang

Posted in Cross Culture by Ruth No Comments

You may think that Chinese believe in Confucianism. What do you think if I tell you millions of Chinese are Christian? Surprised? You can get to know something about Christianity in China by visiting the oldest Christian Church in Beijing -Nan Tang.

About Beijing Nan Tang

As the earliest Christian church located in the Xuanwu district of Beijing, Nan Tang was built by Italian priest Matteo Ricci in 1605. After that, it was destroyed and rebuilt many times in history. The existing one is built in 1904. You can feel the strong solemn atmosphere when stepping in.

Easter Day (31st March in 2013) is one of the most important festivals of Christianity, What will be going on in Beijing Nan Tang this day? Some new Christians will be baptized in Beijing Nan Tang.

A short tour in Beijing Nan Tang

Now, visit Beijing Nan Tang Church with me. Here is the entrance. Since Nan Tang is an international church, not only Chinese but also foreign Christians in Beijing go to Nan Tang in mass.

Beijing Nan Tang

When entering the yard, you will notice the Virgin Mary statue, which is one of the most important parts of Nan tang. When spring comes, beautiful flowers and green leaves will surround the Virgin Mary, it will look more beautiful. Christians would like to pray to Virgin Mary here.

Nan tang in Beijing

Turn to the right side and enter the east yard, you will see the main building of the Nan Tang: a typical west Europe baroque style building, on the top of which you can see a very big cross.  

This is the interior of Nan Tang church and thousands of Christians join in on Sunday here. Because it's not appropriate to disturb the solemn mass, it's best to take the picture later. You can experience Christianity in China by participating in the crowd.

Christianity in China

The magnificent ceiling of Nan Tang:

ceiling of Nan Tang

Here is the backyard of Nan Tang, just like a little park, it is a green, beautiful and quiet place in summer:

backyard of Nan tang

There is a training class in Nan Tang, anyone who wants to get to know Christianity can join in to study, and can be baptized if he/she thinks he/she is ready. Here are some Christian learners having a discussion in class:

training class in Nan Tang

This is just a brief excursion to Beijing Nan Tang. If you have the chance to come to visit it, you can smell the serious and sincere sense of Christianity in China.

Wish you a happy Easter Day. Some wonderful Easter eggs, Easter cross-stitches are recommended here. Of course, kids need nice clothing for Easter celebration:



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