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What is true love in Chinese symbol

Posted in Cross Culture by Ruth Comments(4)

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time, but if you are single, have no boyfriend or girlfriend, then the romantic festival is meaningless to you. Maybe you are looking forward to true love. Maybe you are wondering in your mind, “Whether there is true love in this real world or not?” Now, I want to share my answer with you by analyzing the Chinese character “love (ai, 愛)”

Chinese characters are full of wisdom, you can get to know the real meaning of “true love” in Chinese character “love (ai愛)”:

First, In China, people think love is start from friend, so the bottom of the character ”愛” is “友, friend”.

Second, the top of the word “愛” is “爫”, which means “claw” or “hand”. Shaking hands, hug, touching all the ways that express love need hand.

Third, the most important is the center part of the character “心: heart”, love needs heart. “If you and your beloved one have heart, you have love.”

However, everyone’s heart is covered by something like “冖”, so it is not easy to get true love, you have to take off the “冖” that covered on you and your beloved one’s heart, treat each other sincerely with all your heart.

Conclusion: “Love” is to take your beloved one’s heart in your hand through all your effort.

Therefore, don’t doubt whether there is true love or not in this world anymore, it is depends on you. Tracy wishes you get your true love earlier and happy Valentine’s Day.

PS: The Chinese character “愛” is used in ancient days, it is simplified as “爱”, the “heart” part is removed, but the original character can tell the meaning of love better.

sophie165164 says:

Good! Thanks for sharing!

williamsun says:


Gstar_Lover says:

Woah ... if I read that I will probably never learn Chinese Characters ... but nice explanation ... keep on blogging - love you guys! Great service, great new blog!

Alice0422 says:

I love the pendant....... it's sooo amazing....where can i get it????

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