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How to identify fake Nike shoes

Posted in Online Shopping by Wendy Zhang No Comments

Nike is one of the most popular top sports brands in the world. Nike shoes are all around us here and there. But the authentic Nike shoes are expensive for many people, so a lot of imitators appear. However, fake Nike shoes do have some telltale signs to identify.

Now we together have a check on how to tell the difference between the real Nike shoes and the fake ones when online shopping. Hope you can get an idea from below listed points.

Low Price

If you buy a pair of Nike shoes at a lower price, it may be too good to be true. Nike shoes are not cheap even though there are some discount or promotion activities sometimes (mostly for shoes from the past year season).

Check the seller

Please check the online seller's rating and comments from other buyers. If there is any negative feedback, the seller is worth to be suspicious of. Some sellers even do not know if they sell real Nikes or not. They just tell their clients the products are authentic because they don't know better because they have been tricked also. But many clients will complain off in the seller's comments if they have received fake Nike shoes. Please ask more questions when buying. Or else you should consider another seller who is/looks more trustable and honest. The best choice is the officially authorized retailers (but they rarely provide sales).


The original Nike shoes are made of BRS 1000 rubber (a kind of shoes material). Especially pay attention to the soles. The replica often look like made of plastic with poor quality.


Many vendors who sell replicas do not sell men's USA size 9 or size 13 and above and women's size 9 and above. So if you know this point, you are clever to ask this kind of question for consultation to test trust value of the seller.

The shoe box

You can ask the seller if there is shoe box for the product. If the answer is no, it is worth to be questionable, please never to be scammed. If the answer is yes, the shoe box should be sturdy and falls apart hard.

Be aware of the midsole

The real Nike midsoles are made of a kind of high quality material named as Phylon. The midsoles should be very soft and have light weight. If you press them with hand, they will bounce back easily. If not, they must be imitators (although you cannot test this when buying online).


The fake Nike shoes sometimes have sloppy or loose stitching. The stitching of real ones is even and straight. So look out for irregular stitches in product photos.

The “Swoosh” and the “®”

The “Swoosh” and the “®” are Nike registered trademark. The trademark on fake shoes is often too thin or too thick or without three dimensional effects at all. Sometimes they even are mirrored (very poor fakes).

SKU number

Every original Nike shoes have a unique SKU number. It should be the same one on the box as that on the label inside the shoes. Too sad - this again you cannot check when buying online.


Please make much more comparison when shopping online. Do not be afraid to ask questions for your own benefits. You can share with other buyers about the tips of buying Nike shoes online. Believe you are able to get the real one.  Ask our service if you are not sure whether the trader is reliable or not. Enjoy your shopping trip!

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