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Is the taobao seller reliable or not?

Posted in Online Shopping by Ruth No Comments

When you buy from taobao, are you wondering if I can trust the taobao seller? Is the taobao store reliable? How do I tell if the taobao shop I buy from trustable or not? Here you can know some useful skills which can be used on your taobao shopping.

1st Rating table

A) Choose the taobao shops with higher reputation

When a trade finished successfully, the buyer can leave a rating to the shop.

The rating includes “positive” “negative” and “neutral”. The shop can get 1 point for each positive rating and lose 1 point for each negative rating. Nothing when get neutral.

Red heart(s): 4-250 points

Blue diamond(s): 251- 10000 points

Blue crown(s): 10001-500000 points

Golden crown(s): more than 500000 points

Note: You can see the shop which has higher reputation means it has traded much, so it is safer to purchase from a higher reputation shop than a new one. However, it doesn’t mean all the higher reputation shops are safe, you need to learn more.

B) How to view the detailed rating

Click the rating icon (hearts, diamonds or crowns) of the shop and you will see the rating details:

A: If the item received the same as what is described or showed.

B: Service rating given to the seller.

C: Time taken to deliver the items.

D: The number of people who bought from the shop.

F: The percentage of ratings from all his clients.

Note: scores from 0(the lowest) - 5 (the highest)

G: The average time taken when refund.

H: The refund rate in the last 30 days.

I: The complaint rate in the last 30 days.

J: The times of punishment in the last 30 days.

K: The data of the exact shop.

L: The average data of all the taobao shops.

2nd Comments

Not only pay attention to the number of comments the shop gets, but also pay attention to the reasons.

If all the comments are praises, you should know it is too good to be true. Actually, if a client is satisfied, he will tell more details. A good seller can win many praises with details.

You should pay special attention to negative comments. The taobao shop got negative comments may not be really bad. Check the detailed problems, and you can tell whether the shop is really bad or not.

3rd How to value a new taobao shop

It is more difficult to tell whether a new taobao shop is good or not. However, you can get to know something by these below: the decorations, settings, pictures and introductions of the shop.
The main products the shop runs:
A. Whether the shop runs for one class of products: if a shop runs one specific products, it means his service and products are reliable; if he do everything, he is professional on nothing.
B. The categories of the shop: if the categories of the shop are accurate and detailed, the owner must be thoughtful for clients.
C. The pictures of products: if the pictures of the products are taken by hand, means the owner is serious about the shop (except the pictures processed too much by tools.)

These are a few tips for choosing good taobao shops, I hope it helpful when you purchase from taobao. Enjoy your shopping trip with help.

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