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Taobao Online Shopping at YOYBUY is Easy and Convenient with Our Updated Ordering System

Posted in YOYBUY Insights by Edwin Comments(1)

YOYBUY Updated Its Ordering System

YOYBUY is always seeking better ways to improve our customers Taobao shopping experiences, to make it  more convenient and easier. For some time, we have updated our online ordering system and simplified

the ordering and paying processes.  Today we focus on the changes and collect your feedbacks of how you

think of the changes made in YOYBUY ordering system.

To make this update clear, it is best we first take a look at the previous ordering procedures and know how

it works.

Procedures of YOYBUY Old Ordering System:

Step 1: Customers: choose their items and pay only for the chosen items. Note that international shipping

fee is not covered here.

Step 2: YOYBUY:  buy customers ordered items from Taobao; when items arrived at YOYBUY

warehouse,  check quality and measure the weight/size of the items, upload the data to our ordering system.

Step 3: Customers: once being notified of items arrival at YOYBUY, submit their shipping address and

choose preferred courier, the shipping fee would be calculated automatically based on YOYBUYs uploaded

weight/size info and shipping method decided by customers. Then customers pay for the international

shipping fee.

Step 4: YOYBUY: ship customers items according to their chosen courier and address.

Step 5: Customers: wait for their parcels to arrive and can track their shipped orders meanwhile. Leave feedbacks

or contact us for aftersales issues if necessary after receiving the items.

From the above explanations, we could see such ordering system requires customers to pay twice, once for their items

and shipping fee in China if there is any, and another for the international shipping cost. This procedure

seems complex and inconvenient, but there are good reasons for this complexity.

The international shipping cost depends mainly on 2 things, weight and size of parcel. However, information

of the weight and size is not available till the items arrive at YOYBUYs warehouse.  That is why we

ask our customers to pay for international shipping fee separately. This complexity also has its good side,

the parcel weight and size data is accurate and there is no more need to double check shipping costs.

But with our years experiences in dealing with shipping cost, we have found an accurate way to estimate the

parcel weight and shipping cost, which helps us to update the ordering system.

Our updated ordering system works like this:

Customers pay for their chosen items and estimated international shipping cost. YOYBUY buy the items and double check the weight when items arrive.  Deal with shipping fee differences if there is any. The rest

of ordering procedures remain the same.

Our updated ordering system combines the two-time paying procedures into one by allowing customers to estimate

their item weight. Actually this estimation is more accurate than you think, because we have handled  millions of items and our database has quite clear record of each kind of item.   Besides, there is also

a reference chart you can make use of when estimating weight: .

It is clear that this ordering system update is based on our past experience and database in handling parcel weight and shipping cost.

Some customers who have registered years ago on YOYBUY prefer the old ordering system for different

reasons, perhaps they are used to that for long time. How about you, whether YOYBUY is new to

you or has helped you with Taobao shopping many times, how do you think about YOYBUYs ordering

system update? Please feel free to let us know, we would listen carefully and improve accordingly.

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harmeniy says:

Hi. I have to say I really like the website system of Yoybuy. When we add items in cart, the system will be automaticly showing discounted price ,which is the real price. This is really good. But something still have to improve, when I add items that are from , the system showing undiscounted prices... you know sometimes the undiscounted price the seller put are too much higher, i dont want to pay that much first. Thankyou.

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