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Solution of Yoybuy login problems with Facebook

Posted in YOYBUY Insights by Serina No Comments

Caused by the previous Facebook authorization issues, some of Yoybuy customers have login problems with Facebook, follow below steps can help you solve the problem.

Step one: Login to your Facebook account, find and click the “Settings” button from the upper right of the home page.

Step two: Click “Apps and Websites” from left list, and you can find yoybuy from there, select it and click “Remove”.

Step three: Click “Remove” button, and confirm remove it.

Step four: Find the Yoybuy login page(, and then click “Connect with Facebook".

Step five: Click “continue as your name” in the popup page, then reauthorize it is OK.

Notice: Re-authorization does not affect your previous orders, account balance and other account information, please feel free to operate.

If you have any questions about this please contact us at service@yoybuy.con or Live chat.
Best Regards!

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