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To meet the demand of cross-border e-commerce companies for fast delivery of high-valued-added products, on the basis of opening e-mail business, China Postal Express & Logistics has designed and introduced e-express business to provide China’s cross-border e-commerce companies with convenient, fast and stable delivery service at favorable price that can be tracked and queried throughout the whole course. E-express is postal express & logistics network resources integrated by China Postal Express and Logistics to meet the needs of goods delivery of cross-border e-commerce companies and between the mainland China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, e-express tends to deliver goods with higher value.

Gerneral Information:

1. Low cost.

2. Fast speed.

3. The number of countries covered by its service is limited (15). The countries currently covered are Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus.

Speical Notices:

1. The weight is limited to 20kg (UK and Russia are excluded).

2. Unilateral length shall not exceed 120cm and circumference shall not exceed 200cm.

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