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  • mashap999

    “Хорошая упаковка. Быстрая доставка с трек номером.”

    2019/9/21 2:47:08

  • nzstella

    “Arrived in great condition!”

    2019/9/20 3:11:12

  • Arek

    “fast delivered”

    2019/9/20 0:11:49

  • trde65

    “Good service good special treatment antencion”

    2019/9/19 13:02:27

  • brigada

    “хороший сервис”

    2019/9/18 18:08:02

  • Meire86

    “l love all of my dresses thay are really nice. and good qyuantity”

    2019/9/18 9:06:22

  • Meire86

    “everyting very nice”

    2019/9/18 9:05:14

  • F2292486047742221

    “Highly recommended was very fast Gracias Yoybuy : )”

    2019/9/18 3:36:25

  • MobyDick1967

    “Хороший товар, хорошая упаковка, быстрая доставка. Собрал очередной вел.”

    2019/9/17 18:16:39

  • Nevy89

    “First time using yoybuy, very happy with it. Going to use it again surely :)”

    2019/9/16 11:46:17

  • F1769982623241067

    “Thank you! Will use the service again!”

    2019/9/16 11:27:48

  • TatianaKroupnik

    “The service was very fast (it took 1 week to buy, ship and receive my item) . Customer service was very helpful. Very recommended!!”

    2019/9/15 20:37:27

  • MissMasyumaro

    “I loved how quickly the customer service team was to address the issue on the price change. They helped both times when I was unsure what was the color option and described them just in case, so I would get the colors of products I wanted, and they made sure I did! My parcel came so incredibly quickly. Yoybuy is the only service I use and trust completely with getting my order right AND helping me very quickly resolve any issues that may come up.”

    2019/9/15 16:41:09

  • Eduard1821

    “Все отлично. Доставка в Воткинск на руки заняла менее месяца.”

    2019/9/13 19:29:32

  • sweetlittlebear

    “Received order in good condition! I'm happy with the order this time”

    2019/9/13 6:31:19

  • Peter232

    “exelent service”

    2019/9/12 9:08:11

  • k12david

    “Miy buen”

    2019/9/11 8:30:21

  • silviadelvigo

    “Amazing product! Great quality! ”

    2019/9/11 2:48:29

  • sanshine

    “спасибо за работу!”

    2019/9/10 22:04:57

  • F2242363029223036

    “Hello. The parcel delivered arrive in perfect conditions, fast and every single item requested where inside, perfectly packed and safe. Definitely great service, it worth every single coin. Absolutely recomended because I will use it again!”

    2019/9/10 18:56:36