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  • adepumadhu

    “The most reliable, honest online service I have ever seen. Outstanding customer service and the staff at YouBuy are friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Angel.”

    2015/11/8 13:20:00

  • Rada

    “I bought a small glass teapot - very long dreamed of such a thing. I was afraid that he will not come in the package intact. But teapot was packed very carefully and thoughtfully and did not crash. I'm happy! Many-many thanks! ”

    2015/10/29 18:04:54


    “I received a parcel, thank you very much, it was all very good quality! I am pleased with the products and speed of delivery packages! Packaging is a good, strong, nothing is spoiled and crumpled! Big thanks to all the employees of the store! Your regular customer! Lily.”

    2015/10/28 23:52:47


    “Get the parcel, everything came safely, I am very happy! Thank you very much for the work of the staff of your shop for high quality packaged stuff! All come fast enough! Regards, Lily.”

    2015/10/16 13:04:22

  • maciko

    “I am very pleased with your services and the quality of the goods. I like the transparency of the transactions. The packaging and labeling is very good. Will buy again.”

    2015/10/13 6:50:04

  • Isleny

    “Una vez más encantada con vuestros servicios e hecho otro encargo que llegara a vuestros almacenos dentro de poco supongo y pienso seguir utilizando vuestro servicios estoy muy satisfecha con vuestro trabajo seguid así quiero continuar y seguir comprando más cositas :) Un Beso. ”

    2015/10/9 4:12:19

  • VanMan71

    “Perfect once again. Great packaging and fast service. No problems. I would definitely use YOYBUY again.”

    2015/10/8 8:22:01

  • Beemash

    “Very Nice service the customer care solve all your problem in just few mins buying from taobao is so easy all because of”

    2015/9/29 16:00:30

  • greggn

    “Perfect as usual, Yoybuy agents are always there to answer questions rapidemant. This site is very professional, I recommend it to everyone.”

    2015/9/27 2:14:33

  • maciko

    “Dear, I am pleased with the articles, the labeling, packaging and communication. Will buy again.”

    2015/9/21 23:32:45

  • Masako

    “I received my package today. Thank you very much for dealing with my tiny package. Your service was excellent. I cannot thank you enough. I'll make a shopping very soon again.”

    2015/9/21 13:54:31

  • maciko

    “Dear, I am very pleased with the transparency of your operation, charges and fees structure, the communication, and the shipping options. Furthermore, I would like to praise the seller for the honesty and good description of the items sold. I am very happy with the quality and will buy again. Regards, ”

    2015/9/19 2:50:53

  • maciko

    “ Dear, As always, I am very pleased with ease of use of this site and the good communication. The package arrived very well packaged and the items were labeled as requested.I like the variety and quality of goods available. I lam satisfied with what I have purchased; they are exactly as described. I will buy again. Regards”

    2015/9/17 19:47:57

  • maciko

    “I am very satisfied with my shopping. It is good quality products, good communication, good packaging. Will buy again.”

    2015/9/15 8:31:36

  • boubs

    “my first shopping with yoybuy is just perfect very fast shipping EMS . will do lot of shopping with yoybuy service in the futur . very satisfied and happy ..”

    2015/9/12 9:06:09

  • greggn

    “very satisfied Yoybuy, someone is always there to respond quickly to messages. It really is a serious site. Thank you”

    2015/9/11 5:13:26

  • laieta

    “This is not a suggestion, but a congratulation: our wedding gifts, the chopsticks, have arrived in perfect condition, as if they were not sent from such a far country. We thank you for having protected our items so much and providing such a good service (as usual). Keep it up!”

    2015/9/8 15:44:50

  • tanauser

    “Thank you again ; you are the only one with who I can do buisness in China ; untill today ,almost 2 years it is a 100% sucess !!! - Perhaps YoyBuy exchange rate Yuen <=> $ should be updated to the international rates (...) ”

    2015/9/8 1:14:09

  • lisasmoske

    “Very good service. Parcel was send back by costums twice:( .But yoybuy stuck on it. The 3rd time I received it in 10 days. With no extra cost for me :D. Thank you very much Yoybuy :D ”

    2015/9/6 18:39:54

  • dumarli1974

    “Thank you, I am very happy, excellent service. Greetings from Colombia.”

    2015/9/5 22:18:46