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  • F10156216689538042

    “Everything came great! Thank you!”

    2019/9/23 10:08:43

  • caravanshik

    “Услышал хорошие отзывы и тоже решил сделать нужные покупки, которые нашлись на taobao/yoybuy. В первый раз получилось хорошо, если у меня будет покупательский спрос попробую ещё.”

    2019/9/22 1:03:08

  • Ivan777

    “Очень хорошо. Благодарю что нашли мой товар и выслали.”

    2019/9/21 9:44:21

  • mashap999

    “Хорошая упаковка. Быстрая доставка с трек номером.”

    2019/9/21 2:47:08

  • nzstella

    “Arrived in great condition!”

    2019/9/20 3:11:12

  • Arek

    “fast delivered”

    2019/9/20 0:11:49

  • trde65

    “Good service good special treatment antencion”

    2019/9/19 13:02:27

  • brigada

    “хороший сервис”

    2019/9/18 18:08:02

  • Meire86

    “l love all of my dresses thay are really nice. and good qyuantity”

    2019/9/18 9:06:22

  • Meire86

    “everyting very nice”

    2019/9/18 9:05:14

  • F2292486047742221

    “Highly recommended was very fast Gracias Yoybuy : )”

    2019/9/18 3:36:25

  • MobyDick1967

    “Хороший товар, хорошая упаковка, быстрая доставка. Собрал очередной вел.”

    2019/9/17 18:16:39

  • Nevy89

    “First time using yoybuy, very happy with it. Going to use it again surely :)”

    2019/9/16 11:46:17

  • F1769982623241067

    “Thank you! Will use the service again!”

    2019/9/16 11:27:48

  • TatianaKroupnik

    “The service was very fast (it took 1 week to buy, ship and receive my item) . Customer service was very helpful. Very recommended!!”

    2019/9/15 20:37:27

  • MissMasyumaro

    “I loved how quickly the customer service team was to address the issue on the price change. They helped both times when I was unsure what was the color option and described them just in case, so I would get the colors of products I wanted, and they made sure I did! My parcel came so incredibly quickly. Yoybuy is the only service I use and trust completely with getting my order right AND helping me very quickly resolve any issues that may come up.”

    2019/9/15 16:41:09

  • Eduard1821

    “Все отлично. Доставка в Воткинск на руки заняла менее месяца.”

    2019/9/13 19:29:32

  • sweetlittlebear

    “Received order in good condition! I'm happy with the order this time”

    2019/9/13 6:31:19

  • Peter232

    “exelent service”

    2019/9/12 9:08:11

  • k12david

    “Miy buen”

    2019/9/11 8:30:21