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  • EOS

    “A really EXCELENT Service!! Best shopping Agents here are! Yes, that's the correct place!!! Quick delivery time and no hassle submittals. :) Thank you very much, YOYBUY!”

    2014/10/18 2:11:02

  • Howdy

    “Excellent super quick, very reliable. Recommended.”

    2014/10/17 20:51:46

  • ekaterina bogdanova

    “Thank you. Jackets loved. Delivery on time. It's nice to have a swami. ”

    2014/10/16 18:23:02

  • Ollys

    “All goods that I got is the perfect quality and so beautiful! i`m really happy with my purchase”

    2014/10/15 2:45:17

  • F100001966412424

    “Amazing - all the time!!! If you are thinking about purchasing, just do it already!”

    2014/10/14 12:40:13

  • Emerald_Weapon

    “No problems with this transaction, parcel came quickly, everything is ok”

    2014/10/14 0:15:00

  • ichigobankai

    “For my first transaction, I'm very very happy, everything was very clear. Very fast shipping, very well packed. For sure I will continue to use yoybuy !”

    2014/10/12 2:29:20

  • DmitriyPog

    “At you everything is excellent, everything suits me!!! Thanks for good work!!!”

    2014/10/10 16:28:33

  • ekaterina1903

    “good service, quick problem solving)”

    2014/10/9 14:13:02

  • Angelika

    “thank you for the excellent service !! parcel arrived quickly and packaged !!!”

    2014/10/8 3:49:55

  • Anuchka

    “Очень нравится покупать товары через Yoybay, быстро, удобно, хорошо упакованы товары, единственное дорогая доставка! Хотелось бы, постоянным клиентам хорошие скидки! Тогда еще чаще буду покупать!!!”

    2014/10/6 20:39:24

  • alxtt21

    “ Thanks a lot! Everything very much was pleasant! We will surely cooperate with you! you the best!”

    2014/10/5 17:52:30

  • manoly55

    “Fast shipping less than a month for the whole transaction to be delivered and totally satisfy!!! Thank you”

    2014/10/1 2:34:21

  • txato11

    “Very fast shipping!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks!!!”

    2014/9/27 0:01:08

  • Aaronconde

    “You are the best!!! All perfect friend!!”

    2014/9/26 21:53:50

  • datuham21

    “I think you made a very big improvement with how quick you take the orders then purchase them from taobao. You also made a big improvement in packing the items really well and secure. Thank you very much for giving me the best transaction experience so far. I just hope you can continue this great customer service in the future! Two thumbs up! ”

    2014/9/26 15:32:38

  • Nassy

    “Great job! Thanks a lot for great service! ”

    2014/9/26 15:32:21