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  • brandonrom

    “Very very pleased with quickness of shipping. Would of liked to see images of my brought items, but i respect the procedure. Everything is good and im very pleased and looking forward to next purchase with Yoybuy”

    2014/12/14 11:57:05

  • Ollys

    “All dresses and jackets are very good quality and very beautiful as always. Delivery was very fast.Yoybuy is the best!))”

    2014/12/14 0:33:52

  • eminent_statement

    “Apologies on the late reply, this was actually a great service I will continue to use it. Thank you again. ”

    2014/12/12 12:08:25

  • aimeechu

    “amazing service as usual !!! came just in time to post to people for christmas thank you so so much!!!!”

    2014/12/12 6:57:51

  • arrisaputri

    “I think i don't have any suggestions, b'cause have a great job, great packaging and great customer services :) i will always use yoybuy if i want to buy something in china ^_^”

    2014/12/10 21:55:13

  • SNchen

    “It's a quick service and transparent service. You can trust them to delivery your package. Also the price is reasonable. Definitely, I will use it in the future.”

    2014/12/10 1:59:30

  • mi84

    “Все отлично! Спасибо за качественный сервис.”

    2014/12/7 18:26:09

  • pinkcrayonstreet

    “Thank you so much for shipping my items quickly. My friends and customers are very happy that we got our items before Christmas when we were expecting our items to get here in January! I will definitely use your service again very quickly! ”

    2014/12/6 12:59:58

  • Ralle_644

    “You guys are good a doing the small things I want you to. Will definitely use you again.”

    2014/12/2 21:26:46

  • llamapanda6969

    “Got my pack yesterday,it's always a pleasure to shopping with Yoybuy,thank you.”

    2014/12/2 17:23:10

  • MidnightMelody

    “Love the service especially the person who helps you buy the stuff was very friendly with quick replies :) will definitely purchase from here again .. Though shipping is really expensive and that is the downside which makes me less willing to buy but overall, love the service and everything else :D”

    2014/12/2 14:47:27

  • F100001966412424

    “Love Yoybuy with all my heart! I have tried other agents and always come back!!! :)”

    2014/12/2 11:54:44

  • winhawkman

    “Very good service! First time to use. Will buy again. Thank you!”

    2014/12/2 3:47:10

  • F100001161242087

    “Customer service is extremely helpful, thank you!”

    2014/11/26 6:55:53

  • Lorencitafa

    “Thanks so much for all Im really pleasure with your help!!!”

    2014/11/26 5:31:04

  • tiana

    “Thank you very much for your company's help in the delivery of goods from tao bao. Very happy with your service. Good luck in your work!”

    2014/11/25 19:08:25

  • hstaggar

    “Great and a simple website. And great shipping options with reasonable prices. Great job folks! Thank you all!”

    2014/11/25 7:42:34

  • RafyK

    “Very satisfied with transactions so far. I will definitely buy again with yoybuy in the near future.”

    2014/11/23 10:46:58

  • Lidiya

    “Very pleased, the parcel issued and sent very quickly, all the dimensions of the goods were correct, the quality is very good, thanks for the work, I hope that with all of the goods and the parcel will be just as well)))”

    2014/11/21 3:59:55

  • ManaVoid

    “Forwarding service is awesome.”

    2014/11/20 22:04:29