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  • F720766614735944

    “very pleased as always thank you very much”

    2020/4/30 5:44:13

  • mcromance

    “Used shipping service 1st time, very pleased. No problems with parcel.”

    2020/4/29 23:40:56

  • thyphoon

    “ My first purchase, well packaged, I don't have to complain .... go yoybuy”

    2020/4/29 13:40:14

  • jennagronow

    “Absolute fabulous service once again from yoybuy! Absolutely love this service, I will alway's use this in the future for my business. I'm based in the UK and delivery has never taken more than 2 weeks! absolutely amazing, can't thank you enough. I would recommend everybody to use YOYBUY!!! :) ”

    2020/4/26 18:34:15

  • LarsR

    “Thank you again for the excellent service and careful packaging!”

    2020/4/24 21:46:38

  • sawel68mailru

    “Все очень хорошо. Даже не смотря на трудную ситуацию. Груз дошел хорошо.”

    2020/4/24 16:01:22

  • yeuricastillo

    “I always get impacted by how it just go beyond my expectations, everything was much better than it looks at the pictures and I will always chose you as my provider”

    2020/4/24 9:29:01

  • yeuricastillo

    “I loved these Masks, they perfectly fit in my head and covered it all, I feel secured and I can go out if needed and be protected at the same time, mu sister works at a clinic and they worked perfect for her too”

    2020/4/24 9:26:47

  • los

    “Товары хорошо упакованы. Доставка FEDEX”

    2020/4/24 1:09:01

  • Dinko

    “Всё супер, упаковано как всегда хорошо, дошло быстро, всё в целости и сохранности, спасибо большое всем!”

    2020/4/22 0:28:43

  • lucastrbl

    “I’m very happy with yoybuy! If I needed help they responded within minutes and had answers right away. When I paid shipping my package was shipped within a few hours. Everything was amazing. I will use yoybuy often from now on.”

    2020/4/21 6:30:14

  • Weridien

    “ Nice packaging, perfect quality”

    2020/4/20 18:16:22

  • repgame


    2020/4/19 21:39:21

  • ronerzation

    “I am very satisfied with my purchase and their customer service was great! :)”

    2020/4/17 15:17:36

  • Fipsss

    “Everything is wonderful, I am very pleased.”

    2020/4/16 23:57:56

  • rens_tiny_paws

    “The product is in perfect condition. Very good service”

    2020/4/16 21:03:43

  • nuclearcat

    “You are the best, even under current circumstances your service is better than anyone else. Thank you and stay safe!”

    2020/4/15 18:17:52

  • sator8888

    “++++As always perfect!++++ ++A1++”

    2020/4/15 16:34:42

  • Lis0771

    “Спасибо команде YUYBUY за оперативную и грамотную работу.Удачи Вам и процветания.”

    2020/4/14 2:54:16

  • F10218170886477671

    “Items arrived very well packaged and in fairly good time. Yoybuy customer service was also very polite and prompt to respond to questions and concerns I had regarding the purchase and shipping process. Thanks again & definitely would recommend using their services again!”

    2020/4/12 1:46:44