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  • chicka64

    “I love the fast shipping. This is the best I have ever purchased!”

    2020/4/10 6:41:40

  • F2422577714481794

    “Congratulations for the service, as always, surprising the expectations, support staff helped me a lot with this purchase, I just have to thank, congratulations and I will always buy, for sure, I highly recommend ...”

    2020/4/7 8:23:43

  • sanshine

    “Спасибо за хорошую работу”

    2020/4/6 17:56:27


    “Все пришло в отличном состоянии, качественная упаковка! 10/10. Огромное ВАМ спасибо!”

    2020/4/4 21:14:15

  • pikerillas

    “Good service, all ok. Thanks YB team!”

    2020/4/4 19:56:54

  • roskal

    “Товар получил. Доволен.”

    2020/4/4 17:25:30

  • Navigator7777

    “Очень оперативно прибыло через EMS, упаковано отлично. Доволен покупкой. Рекомендую всем.”

    2020/4/2 13:27:41

  • Fipsss

    “I am very satisfied, thanks for the excellent work.”

    2020/4/1 1:02:23

  • Alberticoico

    “Good Service. I give you mi Five STARS for yoybuy. Congratulations.”

    2020/3/29 17:04:34

  • athoz

    “I am satisfied with the product, Yoybuy costs are reasonable, but I would appreciate a lower shipping option. Overall the total price was slightly lower than buying it from Aliexpress.”

    2020/3/29 0:14:00

  • cindy483

    “Very happy with my purchase Thank you for sending my order so fast ”

    2020/3/26 21:03:22

  • Pamely

    “It was a good experience. All products are very good ”

    2020/3/26 8:54:32

  • Migel36

    “Отличный сервис.Мою покупку отправили быстро,трек-номер отслеживался на всём пути. Спасибо!”

    2020/3/21 17:53:00

  • dadance

    “The package arrived on time. All the things that I ordered! Thanks for the work!”

    2020/3/18 11:51:22

  • tsbecks

    “Everything great despite the global caos. Thank you!”

    2020/3/17 16:55:48

  • vvlogov

    “The staff and the quality of service is good. Problems with the delivery of goods were satisfactorily resolved for me. Managers always answered my letters and inquiries politely and quickly. They showed patience and their good qualities, praise be to them. Everything is fine, I decided to continue to use the services of the warehouse and forward my parcels!”

    2020/3/17 6:37:36

  • Alan_Salmeron

    “All the service, was really wonderful !, my goods arrived just in time, and in excellent condition. I really recommend YOYBUY !”

    2020/3/14 15:05:37

  • F10157789408794344

    “Good service and fast shipping”

    2020/3/11 16:13:22

  • Maks8888

    “все отлично!”

    2020/3/11 14:24:24

  • vlad2789

    “I recommend Convenient. Quick. Available. Fast solution in online chat. I have been using it for several years.”

    2020/3/10 17:35:59