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  • yeuricastillo

    “Everything I received was beyond expectations, great quality. Articles in real life look the same or even better than in the pictures. Thank you so very much!!! ”

    2020/1/24 14:08:18

  • analin97

    “As a first time user I found the site to be very helpful informative and easy to navigate. Every step of the process went by very smoothly and the products arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Very satisfied, will be using yoybuy services again in the future.”

    2020/1/24 2:19:07

  • Lis0771

    “Спасибо Вам за качественную и оперативную работу. Желаю всей команде YUYBUY дальнейшего развития и процветания.”

    2020/1/23 15:28:24

  • friday_kei

    “Great price, super quick service, no problems at all!”

    2020/1/22 8:55:54

  • mikebarrera

    “Thank you for the service. I was very pleased on how you handle my package.”

    2020/1/21 13:19:42

  • FrankOz

    “Fast and good service. Solved a problem within a day, and I received the package earlier than expected with 0 problems.”

    2020/1/21 9:08:02

  • visualteraxion

    “perfect service allways”

    2020/1/21 2:55:48

  • federicabel

    “Very fast shipping, totally satisfied! 谢谢你!”

    2020/1/20 22:05:42

  • F2472196253029085

    “clothes came in fine, thank you for confirming they are legit, I shall be using this site again for sure in the future.”

    2020/1/18 20:23:21

  • yeuricastillo

    “I am satisfied with the service provided and will continue buying again and again”

    2020/1/17 22:44:17

  • Lapori

    “Добрый день! Спасибо большое,посылку я получил!”

    2020/1/17 11:35:06

  • Diar4ik

    “Все отлично как обычно”

    2020/1/16 15:33:58

  • Linz

    “Good shoes, Good quality, good service Yoybuy.”

    2020/1/16 7:17:31

  • Seahunter1

    “Highly recommended for buying in China. Greetings from Spain”

    2020/1/15 18:42:34

  • Vou77

    “The parcel went through China quickly, and it took 20 days to arrive in Russia.”

    2020/1/15 16:30:32

  • boubs

    “Nice perfect happy to my order in yoybuy best service china ”

    2020/1/15 0:44:25

  • Den88

    “Хорошие решения, для пользователя чем проще, тем лучше. С Новым годом, здоровья, счастья, благополучия и творческих успехов.”

    2020/1/14 20:48:03

  • tinosolis

    “ Thank you for your purchase and shipping services, thank you for your attention and kindness”

    2020/1/14 8:15:17

  • vivica1616

    “Everything came in timely and safely. Will use again in the future.”

    2020/1/11 7:13:04

  • KISS69

    “My luggage has arrived. The products are nice, they are packaged well, I am very happy with the service again !!!!! I will continue to make purchases Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best regards, István Kiss”

    2020/1/11 2:59:45