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Your Ecommerce Expert in China.

Your Chinese Ecommerce Expert- Easiest to Sell to China Taobao...

Ecommerce is developing like a raging fire around the world. China, with one fifth population of the earth, has a strong demand for shopping online. Purchasing power of Chinese people is increasing while domestic products cannot meet their needs. At the same time, companies or brands in Europe and US, with stagnant domestic needs, are interested in expanding Chinese market.

While, here we are —— Help you selling to China and make more money in the largest online market.


  • our company

    Stpe 1

    Ship your products in bulk to our warehouse

  • browse taobao

    Stpe 2

    We plan, design and put them online

  • customers place orders

    Stpe 3

    Chinese customers place orders

  • finish orders

    Stpe 4

    We fulfill the orders


  • • Sell goods on the most popular Chinese ecommerce websites
  • • Professional photography
  • • Professional customer service
  • • Excellent warehouse, dispatch and delivery service
  • • Effective marketing and branding service
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About us

YOYBUY.COM is a Chinese ecommerce company specializing in purchsing and shipping goods on
Chinese online stores for customers worldwide.
(See us) We have professional customer service, deep cooperation with those famous
Chinese ecommercial websites such as,,, etc., rich experience in managing orders.
What's more, we have a technology team to operating websites. on: