IQ Shield Full Body Skin Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 11 (2018) + LiQuidSkin Clear (Full Coverage) Screen Protector HD and Anti-Bubble Film

Product Description


IQ Shield:

IQ Shield is a leading manufacturer of protective film for the latest mobile and electronic gadgets including cell phones, GPS navigation devices, notebook computers, tablets, mp3 players and gaming systems.

Precise Cuts:

IQ Shield cutouts for components such as speakers, cameras and sensors are precisely designed to offer the maximum amount of coverage while maintaining the product’s strength and integrity.

Precise Fit:

Each IQ shield is designed specifically for your device. Careful and thoughtful consideration is taken when deciding how much space is left between the edges of the film to the bezel. Too much space leaves room for vulnerability to damage and too little space makes for difficult positioning. Our products are designed with the perfect amount of space to ensure the best possible fit and positioning experience.

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iPad Pro 11 (2018) Screen Protector iPad Pro 11 (2018) Matte Screen Protector iPad Pro 11 (2018) Screen Protector & Full Body iPad Pro 11 (2018) Matte Screen Protector & Full Body
Material Clear TPU Matte TPU Clear TPU Matte TPU
Protector Type Screen Protector Screen Protector Screen Protector & Full Body Screen Protector & Full Body
Design Type Maximum Coverage Maximum Coverage Maximum Coverage Maximum Coverage
Pack Quantity 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack
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