Medi-First Antiseptic Wipes, Benzalkonium Chloride Cleansing Towelettes, 20 Pack - 21471

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If you’re looking for a portable and effective first aid wipe, Medi-First benzalkonium (bkz) chloride antiseptic wipes are an excellent option, especially when you don't have soap and water nearby. They're also the top choice for catheter users because they disinfect delicate skin without causing dryness or irritation. Many doctors suggest using BZK wipes before inserting a catheter to prevent urinary tract infections and promote good hygiene practices. These wipes also work well for sanitizing your hands in a pinch. If you get a scrape or cut while out and about, they're a great way to remove debris from your wound and prevent bacterial infections. These 0. 13% BLK wipes are also effective for use against fungi, protozoa, and viruses. While iodine wipes are messy and alcohol wipes can damage the skin, benzalkonium Chloride wipes are gentle, effective, and do not leave an unpleasant residue. Keep these wipes in your hiking backpack to treat injuries on the trail or add them to your car in case you need to clean cuts or scrapes on the road. Add them to your 72-hour kit to treat injuries when water is scarce. These wipes are much larger than many prep pads and are thoroughly moistened with a high-quality antiseptic solution. They are packaged individually, which helps promote proper sanitation and reduces the likelihood of infection during use. Next time you’re restocking your first aid kit or emergency preparedness set, add Medi-First antiseptic wipes so you’ll always be prepared. Purchase a box today!

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