Longjing Organic Instant Tea on the Go LeCharm 100% Natural Green Tea, Unsweetened Drink Instant Crystallized Tea Powder for Pure Water, Iced Tea and Hot Tea(10 Sachets)

Tea extract is the newest generation of instant tea beverages. Unlike other tea drinks and tea extracts, LeCharm’s distinct tea extract is both beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable to drink. It’s sugar free, contains 0 calories, and contains 0 fats. Every drink of LeCharm’s tea extract beverage is pure flavor and nutrients. Tea extract drinks make instant tea because they’re made purely from natural substances extracted directly from fresh tea leaves. After all those substances are extracted, they’re blended and refined till the LeCharm tea extract is ready to go. There are 0 calories, 0 fats, and no added sugar because those substances aren’t extracted or involved. The tea extract is in the form of a powder that smoothly melts into liquid water at hot or cold temperatures. This tea drink is the height of portability. After getting their crystallized tea powder sachet out, they can create iced tea with some cold water or get the feeling of a freshly brewed pot using hot water. Traditional tea drinks, like loose leaf tea, take equipment and time to create. That sort of preparation is inconvenient for one’s daily life. Tea can’t be made that way while traveling, at work, exercising at the gym, or participating in sport activities. LeCharm’s tea beverage, on the other hand, can be brought to all those environments. As long as water can be obtained or carried, there’s no limit to the places where you can make fresh batches of tea drinks. The tea powder sachets of our crystallized tea extract is small, so there won’t be any problem finding a place to slip them inside. LeCharm is tea on the go, and it can be three seconds away no matter where you are. The tea is instant at every situation: made in a cup while you’re in your car, made in a bottle when you’re out for a run or at the gym, made in the break room or by a water cooler, made on a plane with a cup of water you’ve asked for, or made at a restaurant instead of paying so much for a sugary drink.

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Instant Tea on the Go LeCharm 100% Natural Tea Extract, Unsweetened Drink Instant

LeCharm pure tea extract, using nano-level extraction from tea leaf cell and integrated solution of production system by applying advanced nuclear essences extraction technologies. With raw material of well selected tea leaves from ecologic tea garden, is manufactured by our independently-invented whole set of bio-engineering extraction system, its multistage membrane separation technology, after breaking the cell wall of tea leaf under high pressure, efficiently and extracts the beneficial components of tea leaves and removes the useless elements like fiber and pectin and the harmful components such as residue and heavy metals by different molecular weights, and then has the beneficial components technically blended, making pure tea extract without residue, additive free, natural and of excellent taste.

Our tea sourcing is corporate with plantation bases of Fujian Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea, Guangdong Chaozhou Fenghuang Dancong Tea, and Guangdong Meizhou Green Tea Plantation, and a hi-tech industrialization production base.

With the company’s philosophy of ‘seeking for the natural origin to benefit the consumer,’ LeCharm holds on firmly to the values of honesty innovation practicality, and service. Caring for the consumer is the highest priority. LeCharm will achieve the standardization and industrialization high quality tea with the health of the people in mind

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