Lightload Towels Compressed Wash Cloth Hand/Face Washable Disposable Non Microfiber Magic Towel Quick Dry Mini Pack Travel Camp Towel .2 oz 4 Pack 12x12"

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lightload Towels 4 pack

Lightload Towels

4 pack

Lightload Towels in the pocket four

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many in pocket

lightload towels, compressed towels, travel towels, camp towels, quick dry towels


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Multipurpose, compressed, superabsorbent

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

After hiking the Appalachian Trail, i came up with the idea of Lightload Towels as a cleaning towel for long distance hiker’s personal care. Hikers could go a long time without bathing and the stench at times could be overbearing. Thus, a compact, ultralight, easy to store towel provides a great solution. Just dip in a stream or water source and wash off. In time we found the towels offered more. They are great for first aid as bandages, emergency care as blankets, tactical gear as fire starters, Protective gear for static electricity, and remedies for skin irritations. They store easily in your backpack, pocket, ditch bags, luggage, survival bags and bug out kits, Hunters, fishermen, boy scouts, golfers, cyclists, preppers, gym goers, moms all use the towels.

What makes your product special?

The lightload Towel is a survival tool. First, what we are not. We are not a microfiber towel that describe 99% of the camping towels, sports towels and travel towels. Our towels vacuum seal to the size of dice. They open to a surprisingly big towel 12x12" towel. They are ultralight at only .2 oz and store in the smallest of places. Micro fiber fabric cannot compress to pack small. Our towels absorb like a large sponge. Microfiber towels or cotton are not nearly as absorbent. Lightloads are a naturally antibacterial cloth. You must treat microfiber towels with chemicals to be anti-microbial. Our cellulosic material comes from the natural environment. It’s made from plant and tree scraps and can help to sustain the forests. Most cures and sickness remedies come from plant and wood. Microfiber is a plastic and environmentalists warn, particles of microfiber are washing into the water supply and harming sea life. We also aren’t those little popup coin tissue wipes in a tube that come 50 to a bag or 10 to a tube. Although they compress to dry towels and their material is stronger than paper towels, they are still a thin emergency use wipe, people use a lot, as expensive toilet tissue. There are news stories written that these wipes clog up drains damaging the sewers. Our material is made from the finest lyocell a much thicker grade fabric, washable, soft on the skin and reusable. People can burn them to dispose. Lightload pack towels are a sealed clean dry towel until you are ready to use. They pack to free up space in pockets, carry-ons, survival bags, travel bags, backpacks, gym bags, bug out bags, dry bags, suitcases and more. They are truly a magic towel.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The best part of our experience is serving the outdoor community.

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