Mikomer Decorative Window Film Purple Flower,Privacy Door Film,Static Cling Glass Film,No Glue Stained Glass Anti UV Window Paper for Bathroom,Office,Meeting Room,Bedroom,35 inches by 78.7 inches

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Product Description

Small Tips for YOU,please read before buying.

  • Please Note that This Window Film Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces.Do not Apply to Outside window or Windows with Crack.
  • Don't forget to remove transparent backing side before putting on glass or it will not cling(Use a tape on a corner of the back side (the smooth side) to quickly remove the backing protective film).
  • TEMPERATURE ATTENTION! It's more difficult to install the static cling window film in winter than in summer. Please use a hair dryer to soften the film before applying under cold weather (Heat Resistant up to 176℉)
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How to install Mikomer window film?

1.Clean glass (make sure your glass is clean and smooth).

2.Please use a hair dryer to soften the film before applying under cold weather (Very important in cold weather).

3.Cut the film into required size and peel off the transparent backing film.

4.Wet glass (the more water, the better).

5.Past the smooth side to glass.

6.Scraper the film from up to down, left to right. The more water, the easier you can squeeze out bubbles.

7.Cut the excess film (leave a small gap about 1 cm between the film and window to let water flow out).

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Questions & Answers

Q1: Why my film does not stay?

A1: Please don't forget to remove the transparent backing film, and then wet the window with soapy water.

Q2: Too hard to remove the backing protective film, is there any tricks?

A2: Take two pieces of tape and place them on opposite sides of the same corner. Make sure you cover the corner completely but leave some tape on each side to grab onto. When you pull the tape apart the film and the backing should separate from each other easily.

Q3: I have removed the back film and wet the widow, why still can not stay?

A3: You may apply the wrong side. The film is divided into two layers, one side is smooth, and the other side is rough. Please tear it off and retry the smooth side to paste again.

Q4: There are a large number of small bubbles.

A4: Too less water. Tear it down, spray a lot of water and paste it again. And then use a card to squeeze out all water and bubbles.

Q5: Why the edge of my window film begins to fell off?

A5:(1) The edge of film is too close to the window. Please leave a small gap (about 2-3 mm) to let the water flow out so that the film can stick well.

(2) Too cold in winter. Please use a hair dryer to soften the film before applying under cold weather (Heat Resistant up to 176℉).

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