Thirty48 Compression Low Cut Running Socks for Men and Women | 15-20mmHg Compression
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT: Our high quality compression running socks make a great addition to your workout gear for running, cycling, basketball, football, crossfit, weight lifting, and many other sports. Graduated 15-20 mmHg of Pressure Compression ergonomically conforms to your foot for a tight fit around nerves and muscles to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Can also aid in recovery from edema and heel spurs. Also helps strengthen the foot to prevent future muscle injuries.
  • Made with 76% Nylon, 13% Spandex, 11% Nylon. This high quality sweat-wicking blend draws moisture away from feet thereby preventing crud between toes. We understand that each foot has its own curves and features. That is why each sock is designed specifically for the right or left foot for optimal fit and comfort. Strong protection at the ankle and foot helps force balance to prevent twists and sprains caused by excessive forces.
  • SUPERIOR ARCH SUPPORT: This Durable Elastic Minimizes Friction and Supports the Plantar Arches of Your Feet. Utilizing 3-Dimensional modeling, Thirty48 has designed these compression low cut running socks for Anatomically Correct Fit include: Heel pull tab for easy On and Off, Seamless, blister-free, no bunching toe box, Complete ankle coverage prevents shoes from rubbing.
  • WHAT'S RIGHT IS RIGHT - Each foot has its own curves and features. Check the letter on the sock for the right running sock for the right foot, or left. Check the inner cuff for the size. PLEASE NOTE THE LETTER 'L' STANDS FOR 'LEFT' AND 'R' STANDS FOR 'RIGHT'. The size is mentioned in the inner surface of the sock.
  • THIRTY48 IS THE MANUFACTURER - You can buy with confidence knowing that your purchase is directly from THIRTY48 Corp. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and there is no third party department you have to deal with since you are buying direct from Manufacturer. Thirty48 will NOT be responsible for any purchase made from other sellers as they are NOT selling the real Thirty48 Compression Low-Cut Running Socks.
  • Large - Women 10-13 // Men 9.5-11
  • [3 Pairs] Black/Gray
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Thirty48 Compression Low Cut Running Socks for Men and Women | 15-20mmHg Compression
Thirty48 Compression Low Cut Running Socks for Men and Women | 15-20mmHg Compression


Product Description

Thirty48 - Science + Technology

We exceed what normal athletic sock companies do in research and development - we work to create state-of-the-art, moisture wicking, synthetic blended fabrics that allow your foot to breathe, provide support where needed, and contour to the shape of each specific foot.




Thirty48 CRU Series Socks provide 15-20mmHg to maximize your performance during your workout/exercises, and recovery during post workout. Unlike other compression socks, CRU Socks support the entire foot, impact vibrations from your stride are minimized, reducing the chance of injury. A great way to reduce Aching Muscles, Pulled Muscles, Blisters, and Post Workout Soreness. With an increase in pressure around the achilles and plantar ligaments, your muscles stabilize for peak performance.


Our sweat-wicking Anti-Bacterial Nylon (11%) integrated in our CRU series specifically draws moisture away from feet thereby preventing bacteria from accumulating between toes.


Imagine how many steps you walk everyday.

With a light cushioning on your heel/toe areas, your feet absorbs less shock from intense forces.


Blister-free, breathable, snug (not suffocating), fit prevents bunching in the toe area.


The On/Off Pull Tab ensures easy application. Also, the tab provides complete ankle coverage to prevent shoes from rubbing.

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