High Performance Back and Pelvic Maternity Support, No Belt over the Belly
  • ONE OF A KIND - MaternaLIFT is the only high performance maternity support with no strap tension focused over your hyper-sensitive underbelly zone.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Designed by an obstetric physical therapy specialist, MaternaLIFT utilizes a patented support system to help support your upright posture and relieve stress on your low back, pelvis, hips, and legs.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE - By providing support without direct strap tension under your belly, most women find MaternaLIFT more comfortable to wear than traditional maternity belts during activities of daily living. This includes activities such as sitting (computer work), lifting and handling small children, running errands, and house cleaning.
  • MORE FUNCTIONAL - Made out of 86% nylon and 14% spandex with extra stretch capabilities over the belly and breast zones, MaternaLIFT expands with your body as you progress through your pregnancy. With its crotchless design, your underwear is worn over the garment to allow for easy restroom use.
  • MAY BE COVERED BY INSURANCE - MaternaLIFT is considered “durable medical equipment” by many insurance carriers. You may be able to seek re-imbursement for your purchase through your health insurer. Check with your insurance company for your specific coverage details.
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High Performance Back and Pelvic Maternity Support, No Belt over the Belly
High Performance Back and Pelvic Maternity Support, No Belt over the Belly


Product Description


MaternaLIFT was designed by Obstetric Physical Therapist, Kevin Hansen, and women’s fashion designer, Jessica St Marie. Our mission is to build the most effective and comfortable maternity support possible that provides you with total body support and health during your pregnancy.  MaternaLIFT is in the shape of a bodysuit that focus on the improvement of the posture of your whole body by bringing your pelvis back into its natural upright position.

Your Better Option for Maternity Support

MaternaLIFT is designed to wear comfortably throughout the day and is more effective in supporting your back and pelvis than traditional supports. 

Unlike traditional maternity supports, MaternaLIFT avoids the direct strap tension over your hyper-sensitive underbelly. It has a patented support system that helps your pelvis rotate back into its natural, upright position and provides the support you need.

Our goal is to help you and your baby begin your incredible journey together with as much comfort as possible.  

How MaternaLIFT works

By attaching the elastic straps to the anchor bands located just above your hips, MaternaLIFT helps to rock your pelvis back up and supports your body's natural, upright, posture. Your ability to maintain this improved upright position in your low back and pelvis during movement activities, will largely determine whether or not you experience pregnancy-related back pain. This includes activities which you do throughout the day such as walking, handling small children, going up / down stairs, in / out of chairs, house cleaning activities, etc.

By supporting the body zones challenged by your developing pregnancy, MaternaLIFT gives you just the lift you need.

MaternaLIFT Features

MaternaLIFT was strategically designed to be worn indoors and outdoors without being noticeable under your clothes. It has a low neckline in the front and the back, and it was constructed with circular knitting machines making the support seamless, so no seams will show through your clothes. You can wear your MaternaLIFT under most clothing without bringing any attention to you.


  • Ultra-stretchy fabric provides maximum stretch capability allowing your MaternaLIFT to grow with you throughtout your pregnancy.
  • Patented strap system on the back and sides of the bodysuit, no strap tension on the baby zone.
  • Adjustable settings for different tension levels.
  • Comfortable breathable fabric.
  • Hand wash or machine wash cold in garment bag.

With its open crotch design, your underwear can be worn over the bodysuit. This allows for fast and easy restroom use. 

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