Aura® Day Light Lamp, 10,000 Lux of Full Spectrum Bright Light with Adjustable Lux Dial and Timer- 100% UV Free{2 Year Warranty Includes Bulb and Lamp}

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Product Description

Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp

Today, we are living in a light-deprived world and are paying for it with our health. Our body is designed to spend most of our waking hours outdoors, where it benefits from the sun’s rays in the bright sunshine – but today our lifestyles are causing us to fight what Mother Nature intended for us. We’re living in the dark.

The good news is that researchers in light therapy have made great strides in recent years in understanding the impact of light on our health and wellness, and there is an increasing awareness among the general population about the importance of getting enough of the right kind of light: BRIGHT LIGHT.

The reality, however, is that it’s hard to institute a significant change in our lifestyle by spending more time outdoors and getting the light we need on a daily basis. So, bringing the vital light indoors in the form of light therapy is the next best solution.

At Aura we developed our product to ensure that our customers will get the best light therapy treatment possible.

Light therapy has been proven effective in 90% of the cases but not without side effects. In several clinical studies conducted with 10,000 lux bright light therapy lamps some of the side effects reported were: Jumpiness/Jitteriness (8.8%), Headache (8.4%), Nausea (15.9%)

We implemented a patented dimmer feature that, when used correctly, negates these side effects.

Subjects were re-evaluated using our BL40 model and they were advised to start with the minimum lux setting and increase the output every two days, so that their body could slowly and effectively adjust to the light therapy treatment. When following this procedure, the users who had previously reported headaches, nausea and even jitteriness reported none or significantly reduced symptoms.

The BL40 light therapy lamp emits a full 10,000 lux at 8”. Research suggest that even exposure to 2,500 lux of bright light, can make a significant difference to those who suffer from winter blues. The Aura Daylight Lamp offers flexibility by allowing the user to easily adjust the lux output based on their preference.

Light therapy has been proven effective in almost 80% of people reporting symptoms related to the winter blues. Although the results may vary, most people feel the effects within a few days. The intended uses of light therapy are expanding daily as we learn more about the amazing benefits of light.

The Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp was designed for use in public spaces. The sleek and modern design fits right in to any home or office setting.

  • Dual tilt angle for comfortable positioning
  • Wall mountable

Aura Daylight brings sunlight back into your life. Our 10,000 lux UV free light perfectly mimics sunlight and will naturally boost your mood. It will also dramatically increase energy, focus and concentration.

"A definitive double-blind study published in 2016 showed light therapy is superior to Prozac for treatment of non-seasonal depression, which opens vast new opportunities for clinical application.”

- Dr Michael Terman

Professor of Clinical Psychology at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY


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