Carlisle CM101202 Coldmaster Insulated Ice Cream Server and Lid, 3 Gallon Capacity, White

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The Carlisle CM101202 Coldmaster 3 gallon ice cream server keeps ice cream cold for up to 8 hours (when charged overnight) without the need for messy and inconvenient ice baths. Simply freeze the unit overnight to charge the non-toxic refrigerant gel. The gel is surrounded by layers of extra insulation to keep your ice cream cold longer. The portability makes this ice cream server ideal for use in ice cream sundae bars at schools, churches, weddings and more.

From the manufacturer

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Color Changing
Sizes Full-Size, Half-Size, Third-Size, Two-Thirds-Size Full-Size, Half-Size Long, Third-Size, Two-Thirds-Size 2 Quart 3 Gallon 1 Quart, 2 Quart, 5 Quart
Colors Black / White Black / White White / Black / Gray Black / White White / Black / Gray
Lid Available
NSF Certified
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
Ideal Uses Back of house operations for food prepping or front of the house buffet service and catering Food bars and front of house operations where refrigeration is impractical Buffets and catering to eliminate the mess of ice Maintains ice cream at serving temperatures without a traditional freezer Buffet and self-service operations
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Coldmaster Pan/Organizer Coldmaster Batter Pan Coldmaster Whipped Cream Can Chiller Coldmaster Carton Chiller Coldcrock Organizer Coldmaster Cold Bowl
Uses Maintain an assortment of toppings at cold temperatures Ready to go batter and back of the house prepping For clean and ready to dispense cold whipped cream Ready to go dairy and egg products that are made-to-order Back and front of the house condiment and topping station Food bars and front of house operations
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