TST Glass Inner Conch Tile Beach Style Blue Cream White Brushed Steel Art Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Bath Decor TSTNB06 (10 Square Feet)

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Product Description

BLUJELLYFISH, our ocean theme beach style series tiles, TST Mosaic Tiles made for you.

Sheet size: 12'' x 12'', regular glass tile size.

Thickness: 8 mm, standard glass tile for kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls.

Materials: Crystal glass, real seashells, acrylic resin, stainless steel (brushed)

Finish: Glossy, easy for cleaning. (plastic coating on seashell chips in case scratches.)

Backing: Mesh mounted. ( real glass tile, need grouting, NOT peel and stick.)

sea blue glass tile beach style mosaic art interlocking tiles

1. Measure the total area and add 5-10% tiles for reserve and cutting. Prepare all tools and materials for installation.

2. Mix some thin set mortar. You will use thin set mortar to attach the tiles to the wall or other tiling surface.

3. Using a notched trowel, spread the mortar out and then use the trowel to create straight, parallel lines in the mortar.

4. Lay your tiles. With the mortar in place, you can start setting out your tiles or tile sheets. Simply press them firmly into the mortar; Push it solidly against the surface. Use a level periodically to check grout joints. Cut tiles as needed. You will need to use a wet saw with a blade designed for glass in order to cut glass tiles. Be very careful and keep your fingers as far away from the blade as possible.

5. Grouting the Tiles. After around 24 hours, please use unsanded grout. Use a damp sponge to remove the excess grout immediately.

6. After around 12 hours, polish off any remaining haze with clean sponge or towel.

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