morpilot Pet Training Mat, Shock Mat for Cats Dogs, 60 x 12 Inches Pet Shock Mat with 9V Battery, 3 Training Modes, Smart Protection System, Repellent Mat Keep Pets Off Furniture Couch Sofa

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Product Description

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Main Features that Meet Your Needs

  • Safe Promise: The training cat mat will automatically off when your pets touching it more than 10 seconds.
  • No Harm to Pets: The training mat has 3 different shock levels (low, medium, high) and 3 optional modes (Static Shock, Beep, Static+Beep) that will harmless work for any size dogs or cats.
  • Long Time Usage: The shock mat has parallel statics lines design for more static area, you can still use it even one line of the statics get destroyed.
  • Easy Clean: The controller of the training mat is detachable, so you can detach the controller and wash the mat easily.
  • Battery Include: The package includes one 9V battery (Not Rechargeable), you can use it immediately when you receive the package.
pet training mat scat mat

How to Keep Your Pet Away From Furniture

  • 1. Morpilot pet training mat provides three modes as Static Shock, Beep, Static+Beep, you can use the different modes for different pets. The training mat will activate harmless static pulse or high-frequency warning sound, after some days, your pets would know which areas should keep away from.
  • 2. We suggest using Static+Beep mode firstly. Once the pets get familiar with the beep sound as a signal of prohibition to stay away from your furniture, you can switch the training mode to only Beep mode.
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