12 PCS Hair Cutting Scissors Hair Cutting Shear Hairdressing Kit for Home, Salon, Barber, Gift, with Thinning Shears, Hair Razor Comb, Clips, Cape Kit

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hair scissor
Hair Shears

Function of hair cutting tool

1: Leather holster: To store all scissors and accessories, keep them away from children.

2. Dressing Hair Comb: Combing teeth are fine and standard spacing design, the most suitable for sculpting hair quickly and efficiently, using teeth to grasp and separate, can control each stroke incredibly.

3. Cleaning cloth: After dropping a drop of oil on the scissors, wipe with a cleaning cloth along the edges of the scissors to keep the scissors sharp.

4. Hair brush: very suitable for cleaning dust around the ears and neck. Sturdy and durable, it can effectively remove facial / neck hair and cosmetics, and remove hair quickly and easily.

5. Straight scissors: can be used to adjust the length of bangs and hair. If you think your hair is too long, you can cut some hair with straight scissors first.

6. Thin scissors: When you feel that you have too much hair or need to thin the ends of your hair, you can use thin scissors, which will reach a thinning rate of 25-30% and be very sharp.

7. Razor comb: You can replace the blade of the razor comb, you can cut the hair on both sides, one side of the teeth, one side is sparse; the home smart DIY tool is easy to use and convenient to carry.

8. Haircut cloak: Adjustable elastic neckline, suitable for different neck sizes, can effectively prevent hair from falling into clothes when cutting hair.

9. Clip: Our clip can hold a lot of hair, whether it is long or short, it can hold it in place.

hair scissors

More options: silver or black

Hair Cutting Kit: Nice assortment of hair cutting tools for your best choices, included 1 Hair Cutting Scissors , 1 Thinning Shears, 1 cleaning cloth, 2 Clips, 3 Dressing Hair Comb, 1 Barber Cape, 1 Hair Sweep Brush & 1 blouse. including complete haircut kit

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