PURA D'OR Advanced Therapy System Shampoo & Conditioner - Increases Volume, Strength and Shine, No Sulfates, Made with Argan Oil, All Hair Types, Men & Women, 16 fl oz (Packaging may vary)

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PURA D’OR Advanced Therapy System is made with 17 active ingredients that helps reducing the hair down the drain when you shower or on your brush when you comb. The premium blend of our active ingredients along with the natural preservatives keeps hair moisturized, smooth, and itch-free. The mild formula used in this shampoo and conditioner set makes it effective and gentle enough to be used daily to maintain strong, manageable hair. The Advanced Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner also works on colored, treated, and processed hair for men and women. Free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, artificial scents, sulfates, and silicones. Made in U.S. facility that is environmentally responsible and uses renewable energy source.

From the manufacturer

Ingredients sourced from different corners of the globe, formulated into a single bottle just for you

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24 Rare & Exotic Ingredients. 17 Key Active Ingredients to Help Thinning Hair. Vitamins & Minerals For Healthy & Thicker Hair

  • Nettle Extract: DHT Blockers such as nettle extract helps promote healthier hair
  • Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto reduces hair thinning and promotes thickness
  • He Shou Wu: He Shou Wu improves circulation and health from scalp to tip
  • Red Korean Seaweed: Red Korean Seaweed supports healthy hair growth
  • Argan Oil: The superior natural hair moisturizer
  • Black Cumin Seed: Black cumin Seed penetrates deep to keep hair and scalp healthy
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera juice as a water substitute moisturizes hair all day long
  • Tea Tree: Protects hair from itchiness and scalp irritation
  • Biotin: An essential hair nutrient that supports healthy and thicker looking hair
  • Niacin: Plays an important role in circulating key nutrients to improve hair and scalp health
  • Vitamin E: Locks in moisture from scalp to tip

Based on results of stress test by analyzing breakage after using the PURA D’OR Shampoo & Conditioner system vs. regular shampoo alone.

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Advanced Therapy Shampoo Hair Thinning Therapy Shampoo Original Gold Label Shampoo Hair Thinning Shampoo with Keto and Coal Tar Professional Grade Therapy Shampoo
Benefits Reduces Hair Thinning, Increases Thickness, Mild Itching Reduces Hair Thinning, increases thickness Reduces Hair Thinning, increases thickness Hair Thinning, increases thickness, Dandruff and scalp irritation Reduces Hair Thinning, increases thickness
Number of Key Herbal Active Ingredients 18 15 17 19 17
Actives Concentration 1.5X 1X 1X 1X 2X
Preservative System Natural, plant based Food Grade Natural, plant based Natural, plant based Natural, plant based
USDA Biobased
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