Ultimate Baker Natural Sanding Sugar Blends (Valentine, 8oz)
  • All Natural Sugars
  • Brilliant Bright Colors
  • Comes in all different Blends
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Ultimate Baker Natural Sanding Sugar Blends (Valentine, 8oz)
Ultimate Baker Natural Sanding Sugar Blends (Valentine, 8oz)

Product Description

Decorate the Natural Way with Ultimate Baker Sugars

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The Finest Natural Ingredients Made Locally

Ultimate Baker offers an extensive range of all-natural colored sugars that taste great and look amazing! From our fine grain bakers sugar, to medium size sanding sugar and then large crystal decorating sugar, Ultimate Baker products are high quality for the professional baker through to the home chef. Ultimate Baker prides itself in our quality, our flavors, and in bringing forward the natural colors found in nature. Importantly, Ultimate Baker sugars have no synthetic dyes or preservatives and all our sugars are colored with natural fruit and vegetables.

Key features of our natural sugars includes: 100% Natural - Kosher Certified - GMO Free - Preservative Free - Gluten Free - Simple to Use - US Made - Long shelf life. Ultimate Baker sugars are great for that light touch and delicate works of sugar art, popular all year round to sprinkle on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, sprinkle over your pies before baking, or spread over the top of ice cream. Our sugars also work great for cocktail rimming.

Our sugars are available in a wide range of colors and in pack sizes ranging from 3oz to 5lb bags. For best handling, please store Ultimate Baker sugars in a air-tight container away from direct light or UV to prevent color fading. Please note that due to the natural fruit and veg ingredients that some slight color variation may occur between batches.

blue sanding sugar, blue decorating sugar, colored sugar, blue kosher sugar, blue cake decorating

Royal Blue Sanding Sugar

Ultimate Baker naturally colored bakers, sanding and decorating sugars are the perfect addition to your cakes, baking and pasty treats. Our sugars are made in the USA with all natural fruit and veg based ingredients, are kosher certified, GMO free and look amazing. Ultimate Baker sugars are available in a range of fun colors and will allow you to completely remove synthetic based coloring from your baking and cake decorating.

blue sanding sugar, blue decorating sugar, colored sugar, blue kosher sugar, blue cake decorating

Blue Sanding Sugar

purple sanding sugar, purple decorating sugar, colored sugar, purple kosher sugar, purple decorating

Purple Sanding Sugar

green sanding sugar, green decorating sugar, colored sugar, green kosher sugar, green cake decorate

Green Sanding Sugar

red sanding sugar, red decorating sugar, colored sugar, red kosher sugar, red cake decorating

Red Sanding Sugar

About Ultimate Baker

Ultimate Baker is a Washington based family company dedicated to the manufacture of all natural baking and cake decorating products. From our kosher certified naturally colored baking sugars, donut sugar, luster dusts, and powdered sugars, we have the products and service to make your home or commercial baking truly exceptional.

At the heart of Ultimate Baker is our proprietary Ultimate Food Color system developed and refined for the baking and cake decorating industry. This system has taken years to perfect and we are still not done as we test new and emerging plant opportunities. However, our Ultimate Food Color System is now being used by other food manufacturers, beverage and beer companies and many others. For us, its the basis from which we color all our products from our sugars, to dusts and beyond.

If you are also looking for all natural, locally made cocktail decorating products, then please check out our range of Snowy River cocktail sugars, cocktail salts and cocktail glitters - simply awesome and available on Amazon!

Some of our most popular cake decorating products are shown below:

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