KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow - 62 Archery Bow for Teens and Adults, 15-60lb Draw Weight - Right and Left Handed, Archery Set Bowstring Arrow Rest Stringer Tool Sight
  • QUALITY – Dealing with the original Samick Sage Recurve Bow manufacturers, our Takedown Recurve Bows are manufactured with utmost comparable quality. Combining the Keshes risers with different sourced wood helped create the bow to be, lightweight, withstand high and low poundage, beautiful and extremely comfortable to hold. Perfect target shooting archery set, or hunting bow and arrow for adults and youth.
  • BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED HUNTERS – With Drawback weight options ranging, from 15 lbs – 55 lb., it will be your best youth bow and arrow set & Hunting Bow. ✦ TAKEDOWN FEATUREyou can always purchase limb set replacements separately to increase or decrease the weight as you grow, or to share with friends and family, and Save on continuously purchasing full new bows.
  • FEATURES - Pre-installed threaded Brass Bushings for any type of upgrades, such as, Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, Quiver, Bow fishing reel. We offer the options of either Right- or Left-hand orientation. Right handed means, you will hold the archery bow with your Left hand and draw with your Right hand, while with Left handed, you will hold your bow with your Right hand and draw with your Left hand.
  • INCLUDES - Impressive round edge Riser ✦ Wooden Limbs Layered with black fiberglass ✦ Knob screws to attach the limbs on the riser (NO ADDITIONAL TOOLS NEEDED) ✦ Dacron bow string ✦ Stringer tool for the ONLY easy and safety way to assemble ✦ Stick on arrow rest ✦ Eye sight for a perfect aim, and of course a DETAILED STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE – Our 100% satisfaction policy, guarantees you a full refund, be it that you are not 100% satisfied with KESHES recurve bow, although we are confident that you will love it. Reach out to us if there's ever anything you need; Here at KESHES we are dedicated to your satisfaction.
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KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow - 62 Archery Bow for Teens and Adults, 15-60lb Draw Weight - Right and Left Handed, Archery Set Bowstring Arrow Rest Stringer Tool Sight
KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow - 62 Archery Bow for Teens and Adults, 15-60lb Draw Weight - Right and Left Handed, Archery Set Bowstring Arrow Rest Stringer Tool Sight

Product Description


62" bow length​                                                                      ​  
Best recomended for up to 29" draw length    


  • Arrow rest
  • Plunger
  • shelf pad
  • Sight
  • Quiver
  • Stabilizer
  • String silenser
  • Bow fishing reel
  • Wooden Riser 
  • Black limbs
  • Dacron bow string (14 strands)
  • Stringer tool     
  • Stick on arrow rest
  • Full eye sight set​
             FOR THE BOW AND THE SIGHT!!

Just follow our step be step instructions for accurate and complete assembly,
  • 1. Connect the 2 limbs onto the riser using the 2 included bolts,                                                                                  
Verify the limbs have been installed correctly by holding the riser in your hand as if you were going to shoot your bow, the limb tips should be  pointing  away from you when the bow is unstrung, If the limb tips are pointing towards you when holding the bow correctly then you know that the  limbs the  wrong side,
  • 2. The string has two different size loops on each end. The end of the string with the bigger loop goes on the top limb and slides down the limb tip past the string groove. The end with the smaller loop goes on the lower limb to rest in the string groove. 
Use your stringer tool to simply flex the limbs to allow you to slide in the second loop into its groove to rest in it,
  • 3. Take the bigger black rubber of the stringer tool and push it onto the tip of the bottom limb to lock the loop in its groove, take the smaller rubber and push it onto the to tip it should leave the groove open.
  • 4. As seen in picture 4 simpely step on the stringer tool and pull up the riser towerds yourself and just slide in the top loop into its groove.
Assure that the bow is successfully strung by making sure that both ends of the string are resting in the string grooves on both the upper and lower limb.

                                                                  NEVER DRY FIRE YOUR BOW OR SHOOT IT WITHOUT AN ARROW!
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