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Pre-Washed Organic Quinoa

Raw quinoa is covered by a natural substance called saponin. If saponin is not properly removed from quinoa then the end taste can be bitter and the quinoa can cause indigestion.

Our organic quinoa has been mechanically washed three times, to ensure that the saponin has been removed and so that you do not need to wash it at home.

Careful Selection

Our quinoa is carefully selected to remove any impurities such as twigs or stones that may be inside the raw product. The result is a clean and pure organic quinoa that you and your family can enjoy!

100% Organic

We select our raw quinoa from the highlands of Bolivia, where the enviormental conditions, make it feasible to provide a 100% organic product.

Did you know the following Quinoa Facts?

Complete Protein:
Quinoa is one of the only cereals that is considered a “complete source of protein” because it includes all nine essential amino acids.

NASA & Quinoa:
Nasa provided quinoa to its astronauts in space trips due to its exceptional nutritional contents

Eat Healthy, Stay Fit!
Quinoa is not only high in protein, but it is also low on calories and carbs! Quinoa also contains vital minerals, such as magnesium, iron, tryptophan, copper and phosphorous!

Stop Those Migraines!
So quinoa’s high magnesium content relaxes the blood vessels, giving you a good cardiovascular health…but did you know that this also helps fight against those annoying migraines?

How About Digestion?
Quinoa is gluten free and rich in fiber and starch, which are ideal for digestion. In fact, quinoa has twice as much fiber as oatmeal!

Grow Those Muscles AND Lose the Fat!
Quinoa contains high levels of micronutrients that are related to muscle growth. Quinoa not only helps maintain your existing muscles, but also helps build more muscle.

Your Heart Will Thank You
Quinoa’s high magnesium content makes it the perfect food for good cardiovascular health, as magnesium is the mineral most responsible for relaxing blood vessels.

Recovery After Exercise
There’s more? Yes! After exercising, quinoa’s potassium content helps to pump body fluids from the blood stream to your muscles, helping to prevent cramping. Additionally, the vitamin B contents on quinoa help you recover faster


Our philanthropy policy is simple: 20% of our profits go straight to children in developing countries.

Our first donation ever. We donated school supplies along with some toys to a small town called Sevaruyo.

We donated 120 backpacks, along with notebooks, pencils, colors and other school supplies to a local school in Salinas de Mendoza. A town located near the quinoa fields!

San Pedro School
We donated more school supplies to a local community in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We continued donating school supplies as we are big believers in education.

Centro Sigamos
One of our largest donation yet. Centro sigamos is an educational center for children who are mentally disabled. We donated basic food supplies along with school supplies


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