Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids LED Light Up Wheel Shoes Girls Sneakers
  • ['●Warm Tip: Size 11 Little Kid Fit foot 7“(inch) ; 11.5 Fit 7.18" ; 12 Fit 7.38" ; 12.5 Fit 7.57" ; 13 Fit 7.77" ; 1 Fit 7.97" ; 1.5 Fit 8.16" ; 3 Fit 8.36" ; 3.5 Fit 8.56" ; 4 Fit 8.76" ; 4.5 Fit 8.95" ; 5.5 Fit 9.15 ; 6 Fit 9.35" ; 6.5 Fit 9.54".Please refer to the size chart of the last picture or email us if you still don\'t know how to choose.', '●Brand:Nsasy, Product Install video : www.amazon.com/nsasy', '●These skates shoes with great color look ,high-quality cloth,which is give to children surprise gift or the best choice for any occasion you want to be noticed at.', '●Two wheels-feel like inline skates.the first wheel can be removel, as a single wheels shoes.You can hide the back wheel by pressing button at heels,it will becomes a normal sport shoes.', '●Multi-Led model,colorful-Can charge with USB clabe.Usually charge 2-4 hour the led can work 6-8 hour.']
  • 4 Big Kid
  • 159-darkblue-double Wheels
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Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids LED Light Up Wheel Shoes Girls Sneakers
Nsasy Roller Shoes Kids LED Light Up Wheel Shoes Girls Sneakers

Product Description


Dear Customer,Thank you for browsing NSASY Brand products, We have been selling on Amazon for Many years. NSASY will continue to improve and never stop to bring fun to children~ thanks a lot for everyone's support~

Health Benefits of Roller Skates:

  • Children need interesting toys and the amount of daily exercise needed to become more confident and cheerful.These shoes are a good choice to meet the requirements.
  • Roller skates is a popular way to exercise while having fun!
  • Can improve balance, agility, strength and endurance, and have fun while doing it.

Product Manual :

  • Double Wheels Shoes is 3 In 1 shoes : can become ”Two Wheels shoes“ ”One Wheels Shoes"and “Normal sneaker"
  • Operation instructions:The front wheel can be easily use tool to removed or Press by hand to installed,The rear wheel can be easily retracted into the shoe or popped out by pressing the button.
  • Single Wheels shoes 2 In 1 shoes : can become”One Wheels Shoes" and “Normal sneaker".

Can be used in any occasion:

  1. When you are shopping or traveling, and you encounter a smooth ground, press the button to pop up wheel and enjoy roller skating immediately, which is easy and fast and interesting.
  2. In case of any bad conditions, such as uneven roads, occasional rain, gravel roads, More traffic, ordinary roller skates need to be replaced to sports shoes, but you can immediately shrink the wheels to become sports shoes to avoid these situation,also can protect your kids and protect the wheel device from damage.
  3. When you go to a party or go for a walk in the evening,Press the led switch on the inside of the shoe, the shoes will light up!Be the brightest star at night!Increase children's confidence and courage!
  4. Fashionable, safe, and fun,easy to operate, very convenient to carry,children must not wait to want a pair~
Last size

The most important size issue:

  1. The Smallest size is 11 Little Kid, the Biggest size is 6.5 Big Kid.
  2. Usually the large size is also suitable for teenagers and adults( If your feet are not more than 9.54inch)
  3. If you are willing to measure the length of your feet, and check the size chart, you will get suitable shoes~
  4. We want to help you Any Problem , please don't hesitate to let us know~We are happy to help :)

How to choose size?

  1. The length and width of each child’s feet are different. To ensure the fit, it is recommended that you measure first, Then order the next number up.
  2. For example: If kids feet size is 7 inch/17.7 cm , you can choose size 11.5 Little Kid.
  3. If kids feet size is 7.18 inch/18.2 cm, you can choose size 12 Little Kid.
  4. So if feet length less than 7inch then choose 11,more than the 7 inch then choose 11.5.
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