Bath Bombs Gift Set - 6 Large Natural & Organic, Birthday Gifts for Women, Bath Bomb Gifts for Her, Bath Bombs for Kids, Bath Bombs for Women With Shea Butter, Bath Salts and Essential Oil Scented

Product Description

With thousands of skincare options in your nearest cosmetics aisle, why bother with organic ingredients? Because they’re better for you, your health, and the world around you!

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It allows you to interact with the world through an amazing system of nerves, and it keeps you safe from outside germs and other dangers. As organs go, it’s extremely absorptive, which means that just about everything you put on it can make its way into your body.

Do synthetic ingredients cause health issues over the long term?

We just don’t know.

And that’s precisely the problem. Many ingredients have already shown that even short-term use can cause irritation, and there’s evidence to suggest dozens of other problems too.

That’s why it’s a safer choice to use organic products: you never have to worry about what you might be exposing yourself (or your kids) to.

They Make the Perfect Gift

beauty by earth bath bombs essential oils moisturizing woman women gifts best gifts wife girlfriend

This Aromatherapy collection includes 6 unique scents - each essential oil combination unique for its purpose: "Just Relax", "Relaxing Detox", "Bedtime Ritual", "Muscle Relief", "Joint Relief" and "Get Well Soon".

Just Relax: The perfection blend of oils, butters and salts to make you, well, just relax.

Relaxing Detox: Detox your body from every day exposure to harmful chemicals and polution by soaking with this lovely bomb.

Bedtime Ritual: Get your body prepared for bed, with a bath bomb full of relaxing and calming essential oils, butters, clays and salts. Or better yet, throw it into your kids bath to get them ready for bed!

Muscle Relief: Are your muscles sore from that work out or everyday strenuous activities? Throw this bomb into your tub and feel the relief!

Joint Relief: Do your joints need a little relief from stress or sitting at a desk all day? Then this bomb is the perfect suiter for your bath tonight.

Get Well Soon: Does seasonal allergies or circulating illnesses have you or your little ones under the weather? Feel instant relief with by throwing this bomb into your bath and soaking for a bit.

Indulge Without Hesitation or Worry

beauty by earth bath bombs essential oils moisturizing woman women gifts best gifts wife girlfriend

Like all of Beauty by Earth’s products, our bath bombs don’t contain anything toxic or unnecessary. No fillers, no junk, just ingredients that will make you look and feel amazing.

And because we’re Leaping Bunny certified you can be sure that our bombs have never, ever been tested on animals. So whether you’re looking for a responsible way to pamper yourself or need the perfect gift, add our bath bombs to your cart. We hope you’re ready to indulge!

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