Vanford - Smart Voice Language Translator Device, 75 Languages Real-Time Translation, Image Recognition & Translating, Remote International Conference for Business Travel Learning (Black)
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Vanford - Smart Voice Language Translator Device, 75 Languages Real-Time Translation, Image Recognition & Translating, Remote International Conference for Business Travel Learning (Black)
Vanford - Smart Voice Language Translator Device, 75 Languages Real-Time Translation, Image Recognition & Translating, Remote International Conference for Business Travel Learning (Black)


Product Description

Vanford FastDict - Smart Voice Language Translator Device with 75 Countries-Regions Languages Support for Fast & Accurate Two-Way Real-Time Synchronous Intelligent Translation, Image Recognition & Translating, Recording Pen and Multi-Party Remote International Conference [ WiFi / Cell Phone Hotspot / 4G SIM Card ] Global Online

Vanford Proprietary Portable Smart Translator Helps You to Communicate Freely with People All over the World


VANFORD proprietary portable smart translator helps you to communicate freely with people all over the world for business, travel, foreign language learning and shopping etc.


  • Multiple Languages Translation: Support up to 75 languages two-way fast and accurate real-time translation.
  • Voice Recognition: Intelligent voice recognition and noise reduction technology make communication between different languages easier, it can translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and output the voice simultaneously.
  • Wireless Connection: WiFi & phone hotspot & 4G SIM card free and stable connection.
  • Image recognition and translating to aimed language. Recorder pen for recording voice to text with real-time translation.
  • Remote International Conference: Talk together with synchronous translation in different regions and countries for multi-party remote conference.

Making Friends Worldwide

Vanford translator device up to over 97.5% accuracy, if you keep this translator device in your hand, you won't be worry to make friends with people in different country.





Smart Voice Translation for Travelling, Foreign Language Learning and Shopping etc.


Q1: Does it support Spanish language?

A: Of course, it supports Spanish language.

There are currently 9 system languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic). You can easily switch the system language to another language. On the Home screen, swipe up to open the menu page, then choose "setting" > "System language".

And 75 online translation language, such as, Chinese, English(US), English(UK), Japanese, French, German, Arabic(Egypt), Spanish, Spanish(Mexico), Russia, English(Australia), English(Canada), Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, French(Canada), Portuguese(Brazil), Catalan, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese, Hebrew(Israel), Polish, English(Ireland), Italian, Cantonese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian language(Croatia), Malay, English(India), Finnish, Slovak, Taiwanese, Turkish, Danish, Romanian, Dutch, Greek, Slovenian, Tamil(India), Arabic(Arabic), Czech, Norwegian etc., These 75 languages also can translate with each other.

Q2: How to use remote conference, can I talk with my foreign friends in different places?

A: VANFORD FastDict language translators are equipped with remote conference capability. Every VANFORD translator has different number ID, you can press the “PTT” button for 3 seconds, or click “Conference” to enter, then click “Create” to add member, input the number ID of the target device that needs to invite, click “Confirm”, and then click “OK” to complete the invitation, so you can communicate with people in different places whether in the same country or abroad, that’s the unique function of VANFORD FastDict translator devices.

Q3: Does this language translator work offline?

A: VANFORD FastDict language translator is an online translator and does not support offline translation which is much less accurate. For the accurate and fast translation, we recommend online. There are 3 kinds convenient connection, WiFi & cell phone Hotspot & SIM card wireless connection, so you can use it freely in outdoor activities.

Q4: What are buttons A and B?

A: It can translate a native language into a foreign language. Simple A and B button, when you press button A, you can speak language you choose in the left side, it will translate what you said into B language you choose in the right side. You can also press B button, but you should speak language you choose in the right side.

Q5: Can I use wired headphones with this device?

A: Yes, VANFORD FastDict translator devices are equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack, it also can sync with Bluetooth headphones, it is convenient to listen to the translations privately.

Q6: Does this translator screen display the translated dialogue text?

A: Yes, it will display the translated text in a window with the original.

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