Upgr8 U8701-3915 Hd PRO OEM Replacement High Performance Dry Drop-in Panel Air Filter Red (Fit 2.4L, 2.5L and 2.7L Engine) (Excluding Hybrid Engine)

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Product Description

UPGR8 engine air filter is designed to fit perfectly in your stock airbox, and engineered for greater performance. It Improves air flow and protects your engine for a longer lifespan for your vehicle. It allows more air to flow easily to the engine, and will increase more horsepower and torque. Moveover, the air filter is long life span type and it is reuseable.

UPGR8 HD Pro Dry Drop-In Air Filter

  • UPGR8 air filter is designed to fit perfectly in your stock air box
  • Made of high density acrylic fiber, black rubber and double black reinforced stainless steel mesh
  • It is engineered to maximize air flow performance
  • Allows more air to flow easily to the engine and it will increase more horsepower and torque
  • This panel air filter is long life type filter and it is reusable

Brand Information

UPGR8 strives to bring the newest and latest technology in the cooling/automotive industry to our products. As a company we stand by our product. We use the parts we sell on our own personal cars. This allows us to not only test our products first hand but also become very knowledgeable on them as well. 

Product Specification

Durably Dry and Easy
The double-layered high density material traps dust and dirt like metal attracts magnets. Form fitted by the two layers of metal mesh, the air filter provides the highest possible clean air flow without sacrificing the ability to stop particles in their tracks

The Pro Air Filter is a dry air filter, making it dependable and easy to clean and maintain using compressed air. The filter can perform for over 15,000 miles (25,000 km) before cleaning is recommended. It completely eliminates the problem oil filters experience with the air flow sensor. 

UPGR8 air filter use a high dense fabric made from acrylic fiber to trap particles. It has a higher air flow rate compared to other typical brand filters out in the market. The fabric itself  has an air flow rate of 1450 Litre per square meter per second, and it roughly  translates to 3000 Cubic Feet per Minute. The filter as a whole measures at about 470 Cubic Feet Per Second, ranking it at the higher end of the air flow efficiency chart.

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