3 Dog Ball Toys with Sounds 6 Different Ways Capture Your Dogs Attention, 3 Different Funny Sounds for Small Medium Dogs blind Dogs, Soft Dog Toys Easy For Dogs To Grab, Goofy Bounce Toy

  • FUN TO DISCOVER WHAT YOUR DOG LOVES ABOUT THESE SENSORY TOYS-If 3 funny enticing led LIGHT UP balls will not get their attention, there is the variation of funny sounds, slight vibration and massaging SPIKES. There is a smooth musical Led blue ball with high bounce and soft massaging Light up SPIKES ball that squeaks. The third light up noise ball plays funny wicked giggle sounds.
  • FEEL THE SLIGHT VIBRATION-Blind dogs can enjoy these toys because of the 2 funny sounds blue ball slightly shakes.( spike ball make funny wicked giggle sound) FOR PUPPIES THAT DON’T LIKE HEAVY HARD BALLS-Soft plastic rubber Toys are easy to grab for small and medium dogs- Light ball are comfortable and light for your dog to pick up Sizes-squeaky ball 2.70“similar size to tennis ball other 2 balls- 2.25”
  • NOT MUCH CHEWING PRESSURE IS NEEDED TO HEAR THE SQUEAK NOISE + GLOWING LIGHTS –The Squeaky ball is very flexible, which make them very easy to activate sounds and lights. Playtime is more enticing because they are so easy to activate. Other 2 balls just need to be thrown to activate
  • THE GAME IS NOT OVER WHEN THE SQUEAKER STOP- Dogs still can hear air sounds coming out of toys. Other balls have a teasing wicked giggle sounds and funny musical sounds. Not available anywhere else, See guarantees
  • 3 DIFFERENT SAFE NON-ABRASIVE TEXTURE TO KEEP DOGS ENTERTAINED -1st ball is soft and 2nd is rigid. Spikes surround the ball that will massage your hand, massage your dog’s teeth and gums when they chew toys. Spikes help the ball bounce unpredictable direction and keep your dog guessing which way the balls will bounce. 3rd Blue ball is durable smooth rubber texture for a high bounce.
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