Champion Sports Rhino Skin Super High Bounce Dodgeballs

  • BIG BOUNCE - Make any game exciting with these colorful and super bouncy balls, a must have in kids sports equipment; the high-density foam core increases bounce height and sends balls soaring
  • INDOORS OR OUT - Use these fun and versatile high bounce balls outside on the playground or inside during gym or phys ed class; also great for play in the backyard, driveway or lawn
  • DURABLE - Coated with patented Rhino Skin, these 10 inch balls are tear resistant to withstand rough play and regular outdoor use at school or at home, even on pavement and other rough surfaces
  • MANY GAMES - Perfect bouncing balls for kids games of all kinds, including dodgeball, handball, wall ball, four square, stickball, stoopball and many more
  • SAFE FOR YOUNG KIDS - These small balls won’t sting like classic rubber balls, even when they’re thrown by adults, and they’re easy for younger children to throw and catch
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BIG BOUNCE These super bouncy balls are a must-have in kids sports equipment, whether you’re a teacher or a parent. These colorful balls act like springs to make any game exciting. The high-density foam core increases bounce height, sending them soaring into the air. Kids will have a blasting chasing and catching them. INDOORS OR OUT From the playground to gym glass to the backyard, our Champion Sports high-bounce balls provide hours of fun and exercise either outdoors or in larger indoor spaces. They’re popular with schools, summer camps and rec centers, and they’re also great for kids to use at home in the lawn, driveway or indoor play areas. DURABLE Coated with patented Rhino Skin, these balls are built to last. They can withstand years of rough play and regular outdoor use, even on surfaces like pavement and concrete. Designed and made in Sweden, high-tech Rhino Skin is virtually impossible to tear. MANY GAMES These spring-loaded balls are great for all kinds of games, including classics like dodgeball, handball, wall ball and four square. Or, channel generations past by organizing a game of stickball or stoopball. Even made-up games are fun with these bouncing balls. SAFE FOR YOUNG KIDS Rhino Skin coating is designed not to sting, so you don’t have to worry about little ones getting hurt or bruising when they’re hit. These spongy balls are compact enough for young children to hold and light enough for them to throw and catch. With this set, all ages can join the game. - Champion Sports High Bounce Balls - Patented Non-Sting Rhino Skin Coating - High-Density Foam Core - Foam Density 65kg/m3

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