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  • Have you been attracted by this surprise toy?
  • It is a set of 10 wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another to appear as one.
  • It could be also called the first ever surprise toy, invented 123 years ago in Russia.
  • In russian words, the nesting dolls you are viewing is Matryoshka.
  • They are also called russian nesting doll, russian doll, matrioshka, matreshka, matriochka, babushka or babooshka dolls, babushka's doll, matroshka, matruska, matryushka, and stacking dolls. 
  • Whatever you want to call them, nesting dolls have a fascinating interesting history.
  • Nesting dolls are the best known classic Russian gift and the most popular of all Russian souvenirs. It is a famous folk art. It is the most famous thing that stands for the culture of russian
  • Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressed in a sarafan, a long and shapeless traditional Russian peasant jumper dress.
  • Not only is a interesting toy for kids to play with,but also is a wonderful decoration and gift.
  • What's more, It's also perfect to hide your own things!?

  1. Firstly,artists need to plane the basswood and carve the shape of nesting dolls by different size requirements.Then saw the wood from middle into 2 pieces and hollow out both sides.That's the prototype of nesting dolls.
  2. After that,artists paint the original pattern on the wood by pencil and use electric soldering iron to sculpture the pattern base on pencil marks.
  3. Finally,dye the nesting dolls with colorful painting according to design drawing.
Size: The largest one is 7.1".
Fit for kids 12 months and up.

Package Include: 
1*10pcs Russian nessting dolls.

Put them in dry condition.
Handmade toy, the color may be different when the product arrives.
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