Gotz Sleepy Aquini Strawberry Fields 13" All Vinyl Drink & Wet Bath Baby Doll with Bathtub and Accessories

Product Description

Inner cleaning of Aquini dolls:

After feeding (not with anything other than water) or bathing the doll it is important to wash the inside of the doll. The inside of the doll can become contaminated and may lead to mould formation if not cleaned. If possible try not to feed the doll with food like milk or oatmeal, for example, as this may cause moldering of the doll very quickly.

To clean the inside of the doll fill the little bottle with lukewarm water and some dish soap and fill the doll. Repeat this process several times until all traces have disappeared. The doll should then be left upright on the potty for ½ an hour allowing all fluid to drain.

sleepy potty dr w accessories diapers
Sleepy Aquini Hearts 13" Doll Aquini Girl 13" Doll with Potty Be a Doctor 13" Aquini Doll Maxy Aquini Wonderland 16.5" Doll Basic Care Set Diapers for 13" baby dolls
Eye color Blue Blue Blue Brown
With rooted hair
Set consisting of: 10 parts 7 parts 47 parts 9 parts 5 diapers
Doll size 13" 13" 13" 16.5" fits 13" baby dolls fits 13" baby dolls
Machine Washable Yes, do not tumble dry. Yes, do not tumble dry. Yes, do not tumble dry.
Doll body type Hard body Hard body Soft body Hard body
Doll Series Aquini Aquini Cosy Aquini Maxy Aquini Nursery Accessories Nursery Accessories
Drink & Wet Functions / Anatomically correct
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